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Shipping Bedding Sets, Duvet Cover and Home Décor Products from USA

How to Ship Bedding Sets from USA to Your Country

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Introduction of SCTrending

SCTrending is an online shopping brand store located in USA. The main products are home décor products such as bedding sets, bedding basics and so on. SCTrending follows the trends of contemporary home décor and home interior and supply newest designed products to customers in USA and other countries. This online store is specialized in bedding products at the beginning, and proceeding to list more home décor categories such as wall décor, bath and toilet.

In 2012, some new home décor designs came up and SCTrending seized the opportunity and appeal the demand of US customers for bedding sets in newest styles, and began to customize bedding sets with 3D print. So 3D bedding became a big category since then, and galaxy bedding has become one of the favorite categories.

Customization of bedding and home décor products is a unique feature of SCTrending, customers could get customized bedding according to the photos or images they sent to SCTrending. And when there’s any festival or anniversary, customers can always find related and interests items from this online store.


How USGoBuy Help People Ship Home Décor from USA to Their Country

SCTrending has been in cooperation with USGoBuy. With shipping advantages of USGoBuy, SCTrending could offer their customers more shipping options and lower shipping rates with shipping methods such as DHL, USPS, Fedex and so on. SCTrending also has a good base of loyal customers because the shipping options and shipping rates let these customers save a lot of shipping rates when buying from this home décor store every time.

Home Decor Shipping from USA

The main product on SCTrending store is bedding sets, which is most 2kg to 3kg with package, for this weight, many people will think shipping rates is what resists them buying from USA with international shipping. But with USGoBuy, SCTrending controls the shipping rates and help customers save shipping rates. We’re trying bigger packages with home décor products, and plan to let all products on SCTrending be shipped by USGoBuy with its competitive shipping channels.

In the future, SCTrending plans to have their own storage with help of USGoBuy and offer both customers in USA and other countries the fastest and most economic shipping experience.


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