Activity Strategy:

Just 4 steps, minimize your shipping cost to $1!

1. Submit your shipment in your account of USGoBuy, Check out it BUT DON'T PAY, close payment page.

2. Go back to the activity page to bind your shipment and share it on Facebook.

3. Ask for help from your friends to click the post your Shared on Facebook for saving cost.

4. When you are satisfied with the shipment cost or it has been reduced to the minimum amount, submit payment.

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Activity Rules:

1. Start from June 15th to July 15th 2017.

2. One customer only participate once of this activity. The shipment should be UNPAID.

3. The shipment has no restrictions on logistics lines, number of packages and weight of packages.

4. The shipment could be saved money minimum to $1 and could be saved money maximum to $100.

5. Each friend can only save money once for your shipment. Shipment cost will be adjusted in real-time.

6. USGoBuy reserves the rights to refuse anyone who violate our terms and services.