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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the world's largest package supply firm and a provider of provide chain management solutions. The global logistics company is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is a part of the Better Atlanta metropolitan area. UPS delivers greater than 15 million packages per day to more than 7.9 million clients in more than 220 nations and territories across the world.

Gerneral Information:

1. Speed: Fast. Most in 4-7 days.

2. Price: Medium. With good rate within 20-100 lb.

3. Custom Clearance: Medium. Good in Eurpean and United Kindom.

4. Tracking Serivces: Good. Usually no delays.

5. Customer Services: Good. Processing time within 3 days.

Speical Notices:

1. UPS international courier to the agency's discount in general will be relatively low in the year, and to the end of the year will be higher, the law often in some not yet reached the end of the city has been fully completed the task to be fully reflected. For example, UPS is generally only play half the minimum is only 38% .If you can not accept this price, try to pull the goods to another agent and send, although the time will be delayed two or three days, but the price is a lot of concessions!

2. UPS International Express is not necessarily pay for the initial rate. in some cities, as long as you a cargo more than 10 kg, do not need to close the first weight. Even if you do not have a cargo more than 10 kg, as long as your total cargo more than 10 kg, and sometimes can enjoy this treatment.


1. Parcel unilateral more than 1.2 meters, separate subject to 270 yuan

2. Single weight more than 70kg, subject to 270 yuan

3. War countries shipping, need a separate fee

4. The declared value can not exceed 5000 RMB

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