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AG Jeans put into three words, Chic, Sophisticated and Classic.

AG Jeans is global premium denim brand that started back in 2000 by “The Godfather of Denim” famously known as Adriano Goldschmied, and infamous Californian jeans manufacturer Mr. Ku from Koos Manufacturing.


With decades of experience supplying and manufacturing denim garments for major brands in the fashion industry such as Calvin Klein, The GAP and J.Crew Mr. Ku used his expertise to grow AG Jeans into on of the biggest denim brands today.


AG Jeans grew to fame for its sleek style as the high quality, premium jeans are cool and always on trend. Designed and made in house by Koos Manufacturing there is 100% control of the creative and manufacturing process ensuring all garments are of the finest quality.


Premium denim serves as the foundation of Ag Jeans, a commitment to unmatched quality and devotion to a respectable integrated manufacturing process is what sets them apart from competition. 


Creativity, originality and innovation drive AG Jeans to constantly be top in their class as seen in their Fall 2018 collection. Not only is AG Jeans worn by your trendy fashionable friend they have also gained the likes of celebrities, Emma Roberts, Ben Mackenze and Petra Nemcova.


The evolution of AG Jeans from an exclusively premium denim brand to a modern and contemporary lifestyle brand began in 2008 when Samuel Ku took over as the brands Creative Director. With Samuel Ku as the creative director the AG ready to wear line was brought to life.


Although AG Jeans may have “Jeans” in the name they also stock a large range of superior quality products ranging from women’s, men’s to kids all complementing your personal style.


Japanese head designer, Masaaki Matsubara and Italian denim consultant Piero Turk also play a big part in the designing of the ready to wear lines


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