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Individuals residing outside the United States of America may find it frustrating to try to purchase items from Web sites based within the country. Often, smaller Web sites such as do not offer any shipping outside of the country or just offer limited international shipping. With the use of our package forwarding service you can easily shop any Web site based within the US and not have to worry about shipping issues. 

When you buy from or similar Web sites, our US shopping agent will provide you an address based in the USA that is unique to you. This will allow you to enter a US address when you check out. Your packages will then be shipped to our warehouse where you have your own designated location. After we receive the package with the items you buy from, our package forwarding service will forward the package to you at your home address. 

There is a fee for using our US shopping agent, but we try to keep fees to a minimum so our services are affordable. Fees are based on a percentage scale and have been designed to still offer you the convenience to shop from any US based Web site with ease and satisfaction. 

It is important to keep in mind that using our package forwarding service will add additional shipping time to your order, so the time frame the company provides for you to receive your order will not be accurate. We do ship items out as quickly as possible, though. 

Whether you are planning to buy from or a similar US based Web site, let us help you receive your items without worry. Our US shopping agent and package forwarding service is familiar with working with and know what to expect when we receive a shipment from them. Once you have placed your order through them using your unique US address that we have provided to you, all you need to do is relax and wait for your package to arrive. We will see to all the work involved in getting your package forwarded directly to you. 

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