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There is a package forwarding service for Barnes and Noble that offer a way for international shoppers to get books from Barnes & Noble that normally would not be available to them. That is where USGoBuy comes in handy.

How USGoBuy helps with international shipping of your Barnes and Noble books?

Barnes and Noble international shipping through USGoBuy offers the cheapest shipping costs available. Just go to and sign up for a US mailing address. Once you are registered, you are ready to shop. Fill up your online shopping cart and enter your assigned US address into the shipping information. Once your purchases arrive at USGoBuy, they will send you an email verification. Just pick a shipping time that works for you, pay the fee, and your purchases will be on their way to you. You also have the option of selecting the shipping company for your Barnes & Noble purchases.

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Save money with USGoBuy's package forwarding service

As an international shopper, USGoBuy, is the best option for saving money on shipping costs. Not only can you get all the great discounts available at Barnes and Noble, but you can save yourself some money on shipping. There are also other free services provided by USGoBuy. There are no memberships, no registration fees, you have the option of putting all your purchases into one package (package consolidation service), photographic documentation of your purchases, and storage of your purchases.  

About Barnes and Noble Barnes and Noble is the leading bookseller in US, and is one of the Fortune 500 companies. And its site is the world’s largest online bookstore. This Barnes and Noble online store has a largest number of books, besides it also has ebooks, magazines, toys and games, DVD and other related products. So if you are looking for a book that is hard to find anywhere else, try Barnes and Noble. The chance is you will find it with B&N.

Why shop Barnes and Noble

There are many great reasons why you should shop Barnes and Noble. It has all kinds of paper books for all readers, and they are available at much lower prices. However, it is convenient for you to find what you need with Advanced Search of Barnes and Noble, you can search by book title, author, publisher, keywords or any bit of info you know about the book! To better adapt to the internet and mobile trend, Barnes and Noble also has Nook available for computer and device users to read thousands of free e-books. That means you can find all for your reading needs and is the best destination for book lovers. If you are one of their members, you can get free coupons and get 10% off for all orders placed with Barnes and Noble. Learn more reasons on why you should shop Barnes and Noble given by their official site!

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