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About Beam Authentic and how to use USGoBuy's fowarding service.

BEAM Authentic (BEAM) is a self-expression platform that stimulates values based conversation in the real world and online, connecting people around shared interests, positive intentions, and social impact to make the world a better place.


Known as BEAMING, BEAM's notable 3 Stripes are more than just colours but portrays the commitment to 3 ideals as a member of the global community:


RED: End Discrimination & Violence


GREEN: Keep an Open Mind


BLUE: Act with Compassion and Respect


BEAM's vision is strongly enlayed with belief and believing that as long as people are talking to each other and having conversations about important topics, we can overcome any obstacle, and find new ways towards a brighter future.


The BEAM platform is about creating awareness, having dialogue and directing resources to causes that you care about which, empowers people to connect in the real world and online.


BEAM has invented a new type of wearable (a BEAM), that people can wear as a badge of honour, to declare, "this is what I stand for today, this is my message to the world, this is what I’m willing to have a conversation about." Wearing a BEAM lets others know something about you. When you are BEAMING you are being true, and sharing your authentic self.


BEAM with pride to support a cause close to your heart. Share political points of view, offer inspiration, support your school or favourite team, show camaraderie, celebrate friends and family, or express an inner vision.


BEAM believes in a world that BEAMS with greater compassion, aligned positive intentions, deeper connection and meaningful results. With an intention to have the BEAM platform used for the greater good of all people.


BEAM with others, BEAM with inner self, Beam Authentic. 



How USGoBuy Shipping & Forwarding Service Works for the U.S. Beam Authentic Online store? 


How does USGoBuy work? 


USGoBuy conveniently acts as a package forwarding service provider for Beam Authentic U.S. online store. This allows all around the world can have access to Beam Authentic's products offered on their USA site.


 USGoBuy mail forwarder expands the online shopping experience by offering shopping guides & coupon codes. At USGoBuy we offer discounts with high volume orders worldwide, normally 50% or more off the regular shipping rates, which makes your purchase cost-efficient. Payments can be troublesome when purchasing products overseas as the U.S Beam Authentic online store may not accept your payment method and not provide international shipping service to your country.


Using USGoBuy is as simple as 1,2,3. First, USGoBuy assigns you with a free U.S. address. When you purchase your products during the checkout just have it delivered to the given USGoBuy address. When your order arrives our warehouse, you will receive a notification. When you are ready to have your order delivered to you, submit an international shipping request, and your package will soon be on its way. You will also be able to track your package, and follow its route as it makes its way to you.


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