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Become part of the Becca Cosmetics team with USGoBuy.

Become part of the Becca Cosmetics team with USGoBuy.


So what is BECCA Cosmetics?


If you’re not familiar with BECCA, then you need to get acquainted. BECCA was set up 10 years ago by Rebecca Morrice Williams up after a fruitless search for the perfect foundation. What she was looking for was a foundation, which would look natural, conceal blemishes, feel weightless on the skin and stay fresh all day. Tricky, right? In true Australian style, she quite literally took matters into her own hands. In 2001, after six years of scientific research and development (no biggy), Rebecca’s passion and a lot of persistence, BECCA was born. 


BECCA is a now global brand, selling in over 36 countries and with a Flagship store in London, BECCA is a firm favourite of celebrities, make-up artists and gorgeous gals the world over. 


With BECCA's goal of making you glow in all of the right places with a radiance that is true to you.  No matter your age, style, face shape, skin type or tone, BECCA empowers you to find your best light, glow your own way - and make each day better than the last.  


BECCA beauty is achievable and above all, believable. It’s about wearing products that work and colours that flatter, rather than just being led by trends. There is a great focus on the skin and achieving a flawless, radiant complexion with foundation shades that are perfectly matched to your skin tone. BECCA brings a more relaxed approach to beauty, where something should always be left a little undone to achieve the kind of effortless perfection she loves.


With over 90% of customer trust that BECCA has their shade and 97% believing BECCA is an authentic brand there is no wonder why BECCA is an industry leader in the cosmetics field. 


How to use USGoBuy with the U.S. Becca Cosmetics Online store? 


USGoBuy makes international shopping at BECCA a breeze with five easy steps. After registering at, you will receive instantly a US address. This is your valid US shopping address, and then you can shop away at any US shopping site like BECCA U.S. You are now shopping like American citizens, and your package will be delivered to the USGoBuy warehouse. Once you are notified that we have received your package, you can pay a discounted shipping fee and your package will be off to its international destination.


How to save money with USGoBuy.

Save money with USGoBuy as the cost to register is nothing! Your US address is also free. International shoppers will no longer have to pay BECCA for high international shipping costs.

USGoBuy puts cheaper international shipping options in your hand and you have a variety of packages you can choose from such as DHL, FedEx and USPS to ship your packages but pay with discounts.


As you now have an American address, you are also eligible for coupons and discounts international shoppers don't have access to. Now you can get those cosmetics you have been eyeing off with no need to worry about the high international shipping add on. Our package forwarding service for BECCA is fast, easy and cheap, the three perfect words.



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