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The finest Blades are now available to customers worldwide.

The best blades in the business at Blade HQ.

Love Knives?


Blade HQ loves knives too. In actual fact Blade HQ eats, sleeps, and breathes knives and is the place to go for all things knives. Not only does Blade HQ have knives but also have a wide variety of outdoors & survival gear.  


Established since 2003 Blade HQ has grown steadily into an ironclad business with around 60 employees and proud to be the premiere knife retailer on the Internet. Don’t believe it? Read the reviews on Reseller Ratings and Blade Forums.


Blade HQ is a knife store of epic proportions. With over 13,000 knives on-site ready to ship. The “HQ” in Blade HQ is for “Headquarters,” which is taken very seriously. The folks at Blade HQ love knives and are ultra-passionate about selling blades to fellow knife addicts.


The folks at Blade HQ can’t get knives out of their system. Looking for pocket clips in public and start up conversations with random strangers about what knife they’re carrying and why.


Blade HQ independently packs and processes all the orders. It‘s real people in Utah and Virginia packing and shipping. Not a huge corporation with lab rats stuck in a huge warehouse gathering and suffering. (Those places are out there, folks!) We care about each order enough that we’ll even draw a picture on your box for you.


Stocking a huge range of high quality knives, accessories, brands and designers such as Ramon Chavez, Rik Hinderer, Jesper Voxnaes, Lucas Burnley, Allen Elishewitz, Darrel Ralph, Microtech, Case, Protech, Benchmade and many more the choice is in your hands. With a vast range of knives; folding knoves, austomatic knives, fixed blade knives, traditional pocket knives, italian knives, camping knives dive knives and many more Blade HQ has got what you need. 


But how can you purchase from Blade HQ if your not based in the U.S? That's what USGoBuy is here for.


After you find the perfect blade online and then realise that there is no international shipping offered to your country or the international shipping is double the price of the products you want to purchase. This can be a major downer but at USGoBuy we make you dreams come true. With cheap international shipping and courier services available what more can you want?

International shopping just got easier for online Blade HQ shoppers that are interested in purchasing their knife needs through their e-commerce store with the help of registering with USGoBuy to establish a United States shipping address. By registering and using this address, unlimited purchases can be made through Blade HQ, or any other online store during your shopping spree. Your purchases will then be shipped directly to the address registered under USGoBuy before being shipped from the USGoBuy Warehouse and reshipped to their international destination of choice as fast as possible to safely arrive hassle free. It’s also worth checking out that Blade HQ is interested in not only selling knives, but possibly purchasing knives. Perhaps trading in an old blade could help save toward one of the top notch knives in the designer section.

USGoBuy has been a niche company that has thrived in its field not only through its quality products, but by also providing reliable, easy to use international packaging with an established reputation to provide convenient forwarding and shipping services as a third party provider. Dignity is the policy at USGoBuy and privacy is the core principle practiced with your safely guarded information. Blade HQ may provide international shipping services to countries outside the United States, but USGoBuy saves money, time, and a quicker delivery standard through the forwarding services provided, guaranteeing your purchase is delivered without a hitch.

How does Blade HQ international shipping work with USGoBuy


USGoBuy makes international shopping at Blade HQ easy as pie with five simple steps. After registering at, you will instantly receive a US address. This is your valid US shopping address, then you can shop away at any US shopping site like Blade HQ US. You are now shopping like American citizens, and your package will be delivered to the USGoBuy warehouse. Once you are notified that we have received your package, you can pay a discounted shipping fee and your package will be off to it's international destination. 


Save money, save time and save the headache and go with USGoBuy. Now the world has access to Blade HQ products offered on their USA site.


Blazing Blades

While all of the website offers interesting styles of blades for different uses, these are some of the highlights being featured that are hitting the target during this shopping season.

Jake Hoback Knives/Kwaiback

This Full Tang S35VN Blade features carbon fiber scales and eloquence in its dangerous beauty. $299 USD price value.

Kizer Minitherium

A compact EDC beauty, this knife features practicality and gleam at $198 for the preorder price.

Benchmade S30V Blade

Reversible pocket clip with spine mounted action, this double action piece is sexy and versatile. Starting at $301.75 USD.

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