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The wonderful game of baseball. Learn how to throw like a pro with Blitz Ball


If your just getting into baseball or already a pro there is always time to improve your game. Blitz Ball has got what you need. Made in the USA with high quality material the Blitz Ball is going to last you a lifetime and is going to improve your throwing arm.


Blitz Ball was designed and made with you in mind. Allowing you to perfect your throwing technique to make sure your not throwing any foul balls. Practice your curve ball, straight ball any technique your tyring to master. Blitz Ball is lights in weight but fast in speed so you can practice whenever you like without tiring your throwing arm.


There is a vast range of Blitz Balls available for your choosing and in different packs. Starting with the starter pack which includes 3 balls and a baseball power bat for only 19.99 USD this gives you the tools to improve your pitch and your swing. You can purchase a pack of 4 blitz balls up to 12 blitz balls in a pack, which is more than enough to even train a whole team.  


Apart from the blitz ball there is also a few limited edition products available such as the dude perfect starter set which includes 3 aqua blue blitz balls and a baseball power bat, the dude perfect blitz ball power pack and not to mention the ultra rare silver blitz ball.


These products are not only for kids to practice with but also for pros as well. Checking out their YouTube videos on their Blitz ball channel you can see how to throw the perfect pitch with the correct technique from a demonstration from the Blitz ball team.


If your outside the U.S there is nothing to sweat as USGoBuy has got you covered. Blitz ball does currently provide international shipping but with an additional hefty international shipping fee. As Blitz ball only ship out international orders once a week you will have to wait a little longer than expected but with USGoBuy there is no need for that long rigorous wait.  

When you want to improve your game and strike out everyone you pitch then make sure your practicing with blitz ball.


How can you make sure your not waiting weeks upon weeks to reciev your order?


Its as simple as USGoBuy. If your not based in the US or your international payment method is not valid for use we are here for you. After the purchasing your new Blitz ball pack we are sure you want to try it out as soon as possible. You can now use USGoBuy’s services to either purchase the product for you, have it sent to the USGoBuy warehouse based in the US then shipped to you or you can use both! At USGoBuy we make you dreams come true. With cheap international shipping and courier services available what more can you want?


How does international shipping work with USGoBuy?


USGoBuy makes international shopping at Blitz Ball easy as pie with five simple steps. After registering at, you will instantly receive a US address. This is your valid US shopping address, then you can shop away at any US shopping site like Blitz Ball’s online U.S. store. You now have everything at the touch of your fingertips. Once purchased the package will be delivered to the USGoBuy warehouse. When arrived you will be notified that we have received your package, then you just pay a discounted shipping fee and your package will be off to its international destination. 


Blitz Ball is here to help your pitching game.

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