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USGoBuy Package Forwarding: Cheaper International Shipping for Bloomingdales USA Shopping

Bloomingdales is a well-known department store for designer products, men & women clothing, and accessories. Bloomingdale’s offers quality merchandises all at affordable prices and you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. Bloomingdales has also expanded its reputation to shoppers outside of the US. As a result, more and more international shoppers want to shop at Bloomingdales. However, there are complex restrictions under Bloomingdale’s shipping policy for international orders and the international shipping cost is quite high to afford.

No more such troubles for Bloomingdales international shopping when you have USGoBuy package forwarding services available. So now anyone can shop at Bloomingdale's USA store and have their packages shipped to their home address in their home country.

Know How USGoBuy Package Forwarding Works for Bloomingdales International Shopping

The way USGoBuy package forwarding service works is extremely easy. USGoBuy gives you a US address for free which you can put in the shipping details required by Bloomingdales. That means shoppers from all over the world can shop at Bloomingdales and other US sites that only offer domestic US shipping or the shipping cost is too expensive. The package is then shipped to the US address (USGoBuy warehouse) that you have supplied. USGoBuy will email you when the package has arrived. You can then at your convenience have the package forwarded to your home address. This opens up a lot of opportunity for international shoppers from all over the world.

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Free Services by USGoBuy: Repacking & Consolidation Service

USGoBuy also offers a lot of other convenient but free services. If you have multiple packages, USGoBuy will consolidate all of those items into one package. This greatly reduces the shipping costs. They will also repackage the item to lower the weight of the package. This too reduces the shipping costs. The only thing that you have to pay is the shipping costs. USGoBuy uses established shipping companies such as DHL and FedEx to ship your package to you. You can rest assured that the package will get to you safely. If you are not ready for shipping the packages right away, they will store the package for you for 90 days without cost. 

USGoBuy package forwarding service has opened the doors for international shoppers to shop at Bloomingdales and any US site. 

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