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What steps do I follow to utilize USGoBuy to purchase Catalytic Color products?

About Catalytic Color

Leanne Venier, the founder/CEO of Catalytic Color and a leading specialist in infrared light therapy science, has the health and healing of her customers in mind with every aspect of her products and services. Her Excellence in Alternative Medicine Award from SmartHealth Medical Technology Inventions speaks for itself in her REDjuvenator product line which uses light therapy to aid in healing and anti-aging effects in a healthy, safe way. After the glowing testimonies from customers, it is clear to see why each of these four formulas specifically targeted for client needs are a best seller in the light therapy community. The lines of formulas include products that target aging issues with the Timeless Youth formula, the Pain-free Power therapy, the Universal formula which combines both the powers of the Timeless Youth and Pain- free formulas to treat most issues in every age range and can even be used for animals! The last formula is called the Bacteria Buster that combines blue and red light therapy, as well as Quantum energy, to fight off any unwanted bacteria, even helping with skin care issues such as acne.

What steps do I follow to utilize USGoBuy to purchase Catalytic Color products?

USGoBuy is a third party service that assures quality and privacy in your international purchases to ensure further business and to upkeep an already stellar reputation. The first step is to register through USGoBuy to receive an address to use when buying your favorite products, which will then be shipped the USGoBuy Warehouse in Oregon. Feel free to include any specifications about delivery before your items are then forwarded to their target destination after paying shipping fees, which can be covered by most online transaction parties including PayPal, to let you rest stress free until your packages arrive at your door step.

What sets Catalytic Color apart is the emphasis on the creative nature of what light stimulation, for whatever reason, can provide for our mental and physical health. Considered the “flow state”, Catalytic Color boasts a 500% productivity rate once initiated in the mental health benefits of the flow state exercises and light is a key essential element to obtain optimal creative potential. Through the Light Therapy products offered, Catalytic Color can offer at home practices that paired with online manuals can lead you to tap into your full potential on every level, using color, light, and inner strength with the proper guidance.

The website for Catalytic Color also offers helpful articles as to how to achieve these levels to go with “the flow” naturally by doing everyday exercises that boost daylight activities to increase melatonin levels at night for a balanced exposure to help assist general health as well as specialized conditions such as anxiety, depression, etc.

While the products are regularized at their normal prices for treatment, the testimonies and reviews of the four formulas attest to themselves through the people they have helped with

various illnesses, both mental and physical, in providing comfort and healing through multiple forms.

To stay up to date with the current products available and for any questions, a newsletter is available for subscription by email. Any questions or concerns are guaranteed to be answered individually if sent to

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