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Hi, there! Welcome to our web We are a professional 3rd party forwarding company with thoughtful assisted purchase service. You may have heard of lots of US online stores, WWW.CCS.COM is one of them. If you live out of USA, it might not be convenient for you to buy. Plus that due to credit card security issue, the retailer site may conduct a complicated credit check, which will take a lot of time and is possible to be rejected by the retailer site. However, we can make your dream come true with our service of purchase and forwarding. With our multiple methods to pay and with our good credit history, it would be easy for us to buy the stuff for you.


 At this stage, you can either purchase by yourself or get our advisors to purchase( recommended, since the process is so complicated, and we may offer you some good tips to save your money) for you.

a.    Self-purchase. This is only applicable for those who have valid American credit card or other valid methods to cast out the payment. If you fit in this type, you can browse any online shop, with your purchased stuff mailed to our provided US address.( Hopefully, you know the plenty of tips to save your tax fee, and you know where to get nice and reasonable priced stuff, and also with free shipping tricks.) Upon arrival of your stuff, we will notice you. At this time, you can cast your payment for international delivery.

b.    Assisted purchase. With this method, you can just click  to fill out the purchase request, with the item url, unit price, item quantity, item name filled out. Upon your request is submitted, we will purchase for you. With the help of our advisor, we will get you high quality stuff with low price.


At this step, USGoBuy really has a lot of words to say. Now, let’s taste the potatoes and the meat. Usually, the forwarding companies will have the clients pay for the set up fee, membership fee (by month or by year). Then, it comes to the particular service fee for individual package. But for repackage, or consolidation , another payment is required also. But the cost with USGoBuy is really much less. See details .

Online Calculator

   This is a useful tool, which is intended to help you to estimate the cost it might take . Let’s take an example now. Suppose you purchase a set of Adidas shoes from CCS . The parcel size as follows :

Ship To China
Weight 1kg 
Length 14 inches
Width 8 inches
Height 4 inch
FedEx $50.11  2-5days
USPS Priority $65.46  10-20days
DHL $58.55  1-4days
USPS Express $82.75  7-15days


Customs and other regulations

Usually, the customs tax differs from country to country. For details, we advise you to go to check the details of the customs web. To refer to the example mentioned above, the information is provided here.

It is the same with the customs tax, the forbidden shipment list differs from country to country. But basically, the stuff is dangerous to the society ,such as weapons, drugs are totally forbidden. And we can not ship those stuff. Again, back to the example above, you need to check the China customs web for details.

That’s all for this. I hope this is helpful for you! Good luck and

Happy shopping US!

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Prohibited items

Attention to items pro- hibited in transportation.

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