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Champion Products

Proudly a founding company of leading the way in men’s, women’s, and children’s athletic apparel, Champion has also secured outfitting both the NFL and NBA community as well as becoming a staple in the hip hop community creating a trend that has lasted throughout the years by the swagger of quality and everlasting style. Founding its roots in Wyoming and Livingston counties, headquarters were first established more than seventy years ago and were even labeled as the product that housed the 1992 U.S. Mens’ Basketball team, infamously known as the “Dream Team”. By the end of the 1980’s, Champion had supplied uniforms for more than 2,000 colleges, 19,000 high schools, and seven NFL teams. Procuring both leading names in the sports fields as well as winning over individuals willing to boast the products, Champion won the hearts of customers on a personal and global level.

Using USGoBuy to Make Champion Purchases

Using USGoBuy is as simple as one, two, three. First, just register and use the given address through USGoBuy to establish a purchasing address through Champion where your products will then be shipped to the original warehouse of USGoBuy in Oregon. Second, your products will then be sent to their intended home after shipping fees are paid, which can be used by convenient means such as PayPal and other online transaction sites. Make sure to add any shipping details necessary to ensure safe delivery. Third, enjoy your products delivered to your door ready for your enjoyment!

Champion products offers fan wear for both high school and college gear to represent your team during any season. While it is officially sweats season, the Ultra Heavyweight Champion Super Fleece is back for its annual fall debut to keep you warm while playing for or cheering on for your favorite team. As always, each season offers new prints and colors to spice up an already styling wardrobe. This autumn is featuring a vintage inspired line to channel inspiration that has passed on throughout the years. Champion also is featuring some of the best brands of work out apparel available to enhance calorie burning and increase comfortable durability during sweat sessions, including tips on the website to find the best work out bra for women as well as breathable materials for ultimate workout progress.

While Champion doesn’t offer regular sales, they have killer clearance sales which are currently offering up to fifty percent off of all apparel and gear. Signing up for their newsletter through their e-commerce website will guarantee up to date notifications on any and all steals available for anyone in the family.

Champion has always focused on training as the main element of their products to make sure that no distractions are available due to your athletic gear. Whether it be moisture management or comfort, Champion ensures that there are options to fit your needs both inside of the gym and out.

For both practice and the practicality involved, Champion is set to fulfill your needs in “any way you play”.


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