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How do I buy my purchases through USGoBuy?

“You sell yourself Cheaper than Dirt!” were the words uttered by a customer at an ammunition and gun show that an entrepreneur frequented developing a loyal customer base that was the start of a reputation that eventually turned into reality as a business in 1993. The first catalogue featuring shooting and outdoor gear to expand their company through direct mailing. As soon as online shopping expanded as a platform in the late 1990’s, Cheaper Than Dirt was able to create the universal name that is now linked to competitive market pricing, swift shipping, and the ultimate goal of providing the best products at the lowest prices available for their customer base.

Cheaper Than Dirt is not just an online shopping platform, but also a retailer that provides forums for customers to discuss their opinions on products, talk about current relevant events, featuring both answers and questions from both staff members, loyal shoppers, and potential buyers interested in finding all the necessary knowledge for their best shopping decisions.

Cheaper than Dirt! Products

Handguns, shotguns, ammo, rifles, parts and accessories of all brands are available featuring name brand, trusted titles such as Remington, Magpul, 5.11, and Beretta among many others that are easy to shop in alphabetical order on the website to peruse and find what is best for your “Cheaper than Dirt!” needs. Gun care, hunting gear, range gear, and survival gear are also featured as staples that are available to purchase. 100% satisfaction guarantee is also a part of the policy of the company, for the security of your purchasing information as well as the quality of your purchases.

How do I buy my purchases through USGoBuy?

Buying through USGoBuy has never been easier to rest as ease for your international shipping and forwarding needs. Simply register under USGoBuy to obtain an address to use when making payments for your bargain steals. After arriving at the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon, your items will then be shipped to their last stop after shipping fees are taken care of. These payment methods include most online transaction sites including Paypal. With fast shipping being a top priority that USGoBuy stands by, your packages will arrive at your door step in no time.

Cheaper than Dirt! Return Customer Rewards

Discounts are a given at Cheaper than Dirt! and their loyalty program that can be signed up for takes care of sending you any notifications that members are eligible for. Using a point system for rewards that go toward discounts, any purchase, reference to Cheaper than Dirt! on social media, and even signing up for the newsletter will add to your points to help you achieve your dream buys at an even lower price. Even visiting the site once a day will earn you a point to add to your savings.

Safety is always a concern when purchasing firearms and equipment — a subject that Cheaper than Dirt! is adamant about addressing and offers a Knowledge Center as well as videos to make sure that customers are using their products responsibly. Keep safe and save responsibly with Cheaper than Dirt!

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