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Get to Know More About Columbia


Columbia takes pride in providing outdoor gear products that are innovative and fashionable in their practicality. Founded in 1938, Columbia has been making gear for outdoor lovers for over eighty years that range from hunting to camping to appease every customer’s needs. Founded and still based out of Portland, Oregon, Columbia incorporates a Pacific Northwest feel into all of their products with passion, hard work, and integrity that shines in the quality and durability of their no nonsense apparel that focuses on protection.


Chairman Gert Boyle has helped promote Columbia on a local, national, and global level for almost fifty years now to ensure her family legacy and their business continue to grow with the ever evolving world and customer base around us. Her parents fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and started as Columbia Hat Company, a humble new start and small, local owned family business when her family sought refuge in Oregon. Gert took over in 1970 and family has stayed in the roots of the business with Gert’s son, Tim Boyle, as the longtime CEO, and her grandson, Joy Boyle, leading as the Columbia brand president. The longtime ethical core values and high standards have persevered throughout the years and will no doubt endure the passage of time to come as Columbia continues to flourish.


Columbia Perks


While Columbia’s versatility and range of gear and clothing for any member of the family or outdoor activity speaks for itself, Columbia offers some great deals through their free loyalty program which is based on a point system to earn rewards and savings. Columbia even offers extra points for sharing purchases and experiences through social media and exclusive member only promotions. 

International shopping just got easier for online Columbia shoppers that are interested in purchasing Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s’ clothes, as well as footwear, through their e-commerce store with the help of registering with USGoBuy to establish a United States shipping address. By registering and using this address, unlimited purchases can be made through Columbia, or any other online store during your shopping spree. Your purchases will then be shipped directly to the address registered under USGoBuy before being shipped from the USGoBuy Warehouse and reshipped to their international destination of choice as fast as possible to safely arrive hassle free. 


USGoBuy has been a frontier company in providing reliable, easy to use international packaging with an established reputation to provide convenient forwarding and shipping services as a third party provider. Dignity is the policy at USGoBuy and privacy is the core principle practiced with your safely guarded information. Columbia may provide international shipping services to countries outside the United States, but USGoBuy saves money, time, and a quicker delivery standard through the forwarding services provided. 


International Mail Forwarding Steps for Online Shopping at Columbia:


Register through and receive your U.S. shipping address

Use this address to shop online at Columbia

Your purchases will then be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse the state of Oregon in the United States

Log into your USGoBuy account and furnish delivery details before paying shipping fees using any of the payment methods accepted by USGoBuy which include PayPal, Webmoney, My E-Wallet, etc.

5. Receive your purchases at your predetermined destination



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