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The Curiosity Box

Stop guessing and find out what is in the box with USGoBuy.

Can you figure it out?

Curiosity can be can be mind boggling when you are trying to guess what is going to happen, what present you are going to receive, what you are going to eat tomorrow. You are just curious to find out aren’t you?

Well now you can find it out by yourself with the Curiosity Box. But what is the Curiosity Box? You’re eager to figure it out aren’t you? Well The Curiosity Box started off with Michael Stevens who created Vsauce to share his boundless curiosity with the world and have inspired over 20 million subscribers and amaze 2.5 billion video viewers.

Vsauce is one of the most popular science education networks on YouTube as it energizes a community of Earth’s most inquisitive minds with videos spanning science, math, and the human experience and now that passion for curiosity is being pulled off the screen and into your hands. If you are not watching all the episodes then you are missing out.

The Curiosity Box delivers the cerebral fascination of Vsauce right to your door through engaging science toys, surprising puzzles, and books that expand our understanding of the universe. The team at The Curiosity Box works together to create, design, and handpick each illuminating item including constructive kits, brain games, and imaginative custom shirts. Every quarterly delivery will turn your home into a laboratory of wonder.

Not only are you signing up to have a quarterly delivery of amazing science gadgets but as part of their mission to boost brain health, a portion of the proceeds from each Curiosity Box is donated to aid Alzheimer’s Research with Your Curiosity Box subscriptions leading to over $100k raised in the fight to cure Alzheimer’s in our lifetime… and that’s just the beginning.

You have the option to choose from three different subscriptions so depending on how many times you want t receive the curiosity box delivery you can choose from a Quarterly plan, 2 Quarter plan and an Annual Plan. The Quarterly Plan gives you one Best of Edition, Vsauce Curiosity Box per quarter at $49.90 plus $8 S&H, The 2 Quarter plan gives you two Best of Edition, Vsauce Curiosity Boxes at 47.90 per quarter plus $8 S&H and the Annual Plan at 45.90 per quarter plus $8 S&H gives you four Best of Edition, Vsauce Curiosity Boxes.

For these amazing prices what is actually in the Curiosity box? Well that’s a mystery but there is $100+ minimum value in every box. There are exclusive t-shirts, science toys, experiments and even Curiosity Box books inside.  Now you can catch up on some light reading and learn all of the elements or how to grow a pearl from a flower.

Join the Curious Community and journey and explore our own world, celebrate the amazing, and support brains for the future of our pale blue dot and beyond.

Now all this sounds amazing but what if there is no delivery to your country or you cant pay with your payment method?

It is called USGoBuy.

How does USGoBuy even work?

Living outside the USA is not a problem anymore for joining the Curiosity Box community with millions of customers The Curiosity Box is one of a kind. There is international shipping offered but only to a handful of countries and the shipping is awfully expensive.

USGoBuy is convenient, easy and fun to use. Acting as a package forwarding service provider USGoBuy makes your purchase enjoyable. USGoBuy’s services are just what you need to make sure your purchases are internationally delivered to you at the lowest price possible.

Your shopping & shipping expert service provider in USA is waiting for you. Simply register and get your USGoBuy address to use for subscribing to the Curiosity Box! When the Box gets delivered, it will first arrive at our USGoBuy warehouse, and then USGoBuy ships to your international address.

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