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Save the environment and liven up your room with Displate-USGobuy

It is easy, affordable and drop-dead gorgeous.

Save the environment and liven up your room with Displate

It is easy, affordable and drop-dead gorgeous.

Say goodbye to paper posters and welcome to the 21st century wall art canvas Displate. Play with your walls, create your own collections and show what really drives you!

What is this Displate you say?

Displate is a magnet-mounted metal print, in simple terms it is unique art prints on metal. It’s durable, it’s steel. Now there is no need to search the garage looking for a suitable power tool, figuring out how to use the power tool then drilling into your wall trying not to create a mess. Unlike any other home decor stores, our in-house production means we have control over the quality of every single product. is a website and company that manufactures "exceptional Metal Posters”. Displates are created by artists from around the world who want to display their art to the public. Every time you purchase a Displate artwork you are also supporting the artist behind the painting.

A displate is a metal poster that has been designed by one of the artists to depict an artist scene, an iconic movie or pop culture figure, a clever saying or phrase, or anything else you could potentially come up with. Artworks are displayed in categories which is super easy to navigate. All displates automatically come with a magnet. The magnet will have an adhesive side that will be attached to the wall of your home where you'd like to display your metal poster, and the opposite side is what will hold your displate.

With such a wide variety of products available on their website, there is no way to quote a set price range for the items they create, though many of their displates are available for between $44 and $69. Customers who are unhappy with their purchase for any reason should contact them for assistance or for instructions on returning their product. All displates except those ordered via "Create Your Own Displate" are available to be returned and refunded 100% up to 100 days after purchase, as long as it is in its original state and has never been hung.  

Scrolling through the Displate website you will see the beautifully drawn, painted and photographed artworks available.

Finally found the artwork of your dreams?

If you have found the artwork of your dreams, its time to buy. When going through the Displate checkout and find out that the shipping to your country is way more than the rice you are paying for the artwork then its time to say hello to USGoBuy. Although Displate does international shipping Displates international shipping fees are quite high most of the time more expensive than the product. USGoBuy’s warehouse is based in the U.S.A ready and waiting to receive your shipment to then send it off internationally at a cheap rate of course. If you have large orders that need to be shipped internationally we do offer cheap discounts, which can be calculated during the USGoBuy checkout.

If international shipping is not your problem but payment methods are we are also here to help. If your payment is not accepted by Displate we can help you pay in USD. Just sign up to the USGoBuy website and follow the prompts.

For international shipping USGoBuy first register at, you will instantly receive a US address. This is your valid US shopping address. Now you now have everything at the touch of your fingertips. Have your purchase delivered to our warehouse and you will be notified when we have received your package. All you have to do is pay the discounted shipping fee and your package is on its way.

Support the artists behind the paint with displate.

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