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Dr. Eric Berg takes pride in being his very first success story when it comes to personal achievements and his business.

“I am happy to say that I was my very first success story. I got my health back, and you can, too!”

After quitting his chiropractic practice and starting a seven year project dedicated to finding better answers for health issues that dabbled in food therapy, acupressure, and alternative techniques in the fields of endocrinology, nutrition, and physiology, test results showed that there were four main body types that worked best with certain eating plans for their problems which was a solution for most issues.

Dr. Berg has now been able to launch his own website with products and resources, including free meal plans, to help aid weight loss and promote health through a ketogenic diet that is rich is rich in “good” fats and vegetables and lowers carbohydrate intake.

Dr. Berg Products

While Dr. Berg’s main focus with his product line is clear, there are many varieties of formulas to help aid in most health related issues including all natural, vegan sleeping aids, supplements that include adrenal and cortisol support, hair formulas, and estrogen support among others, as well as packages and kits that cater to specific health needs to boost ultimate healing. Powders, such as kale shakes available as meal replacements, are available for purchase if fresh produce isn’t handy at local grocery stores. Dr. Berg’s books are also available for sale, such as The New Body Type Guide, which explains his theories in detail. Digital programs are also available for purchase, which can be especially helpful for visual learners, often at a discounted price to help motivate and aid weight loss and highlight health issues. Dr. Berg even offers supplies for massage therapy that guarantee a full eight hours of sleep at night!

Utilize USGoBuy to Shop Dr. Berg’s Products

Shipping and forwarding from USGoBuy is easier than ever. First, just register under the website to receive the address to use when going through the purchasing process of your shopping. After indulging your shopping spree, your purchases will be sent to a warehouse in Oregon state before being forwarded to their final destination after shipping fees are paid. Most third party online sites are acceptable such as PayPal for payment. Within a blink of an eye, your products will be at your side! Safety and quickness are always assured through USGoBuy.

Dr. Berg Savings

While most products are already discounted, creating an account can guarantee added discounts and will ensure you are the first to find out about new product lines, savings, and promotions. Dr. Berg also offers a membership site that can be joined for $36.00 USD monthly or annually for $18.00 USD per month as a lump sum. This membership offers exclusive videos

in a step by step process to help aid with weight loss, and, ultimately, overall health. As Dr. Berg says, “it’s educate, not medicate!”, and their programs are designed to do just as what is intended in their slogan.

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