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Never cut your skin with the cleanest shaver around.

Get your hands on Elite Razor products with the help of USGoBuy

Never cut your skin with the cleanest shaver around.

Get your hands on Elite Razor products with the help of USGoBuy.

Be careful to not cut yourself with a cheap and flimsy razor because more than likely, it will happen. Choose the better option and begin every day with high performance and executive style. Elite Razors are hand crafted to create the ultimate shaving experience. Choose from hand finished exotic woods, polished stone or luxurious Neo-Resinate handles. Select your ultimate Merkur™, Edwin Jagger™, or Muhle™ shaving assembly head from the highest quality razors available to dress up your favorite 3-piece shaving head with a custom handle from Elite Razor and you have created your own customized shaving experience. 

Elite Razor’s razor handles feature precision made collar and tail fittings that are threaded to accept the head of most 3-piece razors, including Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muhle, Weber, etc. The fittings are 100% Stainless Steel, not plated, and made in the U.S.

The look and feel is simply unmatched and will deliver your ultimate shave. Whether you are in the boardroom, or relaxing with a fine brandy, you will look and feel your best. Each handle is unique, just as each tree or stone is unique. Therefore, each of our items is shown individually and the picture that is displayed is that of the available piece.

Elite Razor uses natural badger hair shaving brushes so you can begin every day with a close shave and a bit of style.

Their brushes are made by hand and may be fitted with the knot of your choice. Even though the brushes are displayed with either Silvertip Badger or Finest Badger knots, the knot is not permanently set in the handle until the time of purchase. If you are interested in an alternate knot, such as a Boar bristle, feel free to contact them.

All of their wood handles are finished with multiple coats of a waterproof sealant originally designed for use on boat decks, then buffed to a high-gloss finish and their acrylic and stone handles are naturally impervious to water.

If you are looking for a shaving set Elite Razor has got your back with all their shaving sets built with all the components originating from the same source. In the case of the wood sets, the razor handle, brush handle and center post of the stand are all from the same block of wood, just as the stone sets are all from the same block of stone. The Neo-Resinate set components all come from the same batch of poured Neo-Resinate.

As a result, all the pieces of each set are perfectly matched.

Found the perfect razor on the Elite Razor online store?

Its now time to make that purchase, you cant be eyeing of Elite Razor products forever, as all pieces are different you will never see the same piece with the same pattern again. Making your purchase on the Elite Razor website can be a little confusing as there is no mention of international shipping but now there is no need worry. While going through the Elite Razor checkout you may find that there is no shipping to your country or your payment method isn’t accepted but USGoBuy is here for you. USGoBuy’s warehouse is based in the U.S.A ready and waiting to receive your shipment to then send it internationally at a cheap rate of course. If you have large orders that need to be shipped internationally we do offer cheap discounts, which can be calculated during the USGoBuy checkout.

If international shipping is not your problem but payment methods are we are also here to help. If your payment is not accepted by Displate we can help you pay in USD. Just sign up to the USGoBuy website and follow the prompts.

It’s all about you with USGoBuy.

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