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e-Tech Parts Plus Now Available Through USGoBuy International Shipping and Forwarding Services

Taking Advantage of USGoBuy for e-Tech Parts Plus Shopping Needs

e-Tech Parts Plus Now Available Through USGoBuy International Shipping and Forwarding Services

Competitive prices and passion for people and technology are the main ingredients that compile eTech Parts Plus. Not only does eTech Parts Plus provide some of the best products and tools available for your technological needs, they pride themselves in also making sure you have the knowledge sources available so that you know how to use what you need and what you need to know before purchases to make the best informed decision available. It didn’t take long for eTech Parts Plus to become a leader in the wireless repair industry after establishing its existence in 2008, and wholesale parts are just a part of what they have to offer. Free technical help, consultation services, and a lifelong guarantee on your purchases make it a no brainer as to why eTech Parts Plus was so fast to rise as the the nation’s largest e-commerce selection of iPhone repair kits and tools. Shopping here guarantees no hassles, just savings.

Taking Advantage of USGoBuy for e-Tech Parts Plus Shopping Needs

Check off your list item by item to utilize USGoBuy to receive all your packages with worry free International shipping and forwarding. Simply go onto and register for an account that will provide you with an address to use during your checkout phase. After your items are shipped to the Oregon based USGoBuy warehouse, you can then add any details or specifications for shipping while processing the forwarding fees using your registered account. Most online transaction third parties are accepted including PayPal. Just like eTech Parts Plus, USGoBuy guarantees exceptional customer service and you can put up your feet to relax while your packages are safely and speedily on their way to their destination.

e-Tech Products Plus

Apple and Samsung are just two of the leading brands offered in models and parts available on the website. An easy to use guide lets you shop by part or model depending on your technological wants and needs and there are separate section for certain repair kits and accessories. There are even services such as training available for those especially keen on learning more about the industry.

E-Tech offers and LCD Buyback program for loyal customers that includes packing your displays to prepare them for shipment, a display inspection that will analyze your LCD, and then store credit that will be received as a “notification of performance” to your account for further shopping.

Part of the lifetime warranty at eTech Parts Plus is to put you at peace of mind knowing that all of your parts had to go through a twenty five grade point test that includes checking for the “perfect fit”, quality of color, backlight clarity, and any display scratching among others. Free shipping is also available for any orders over fifty dollars! Bulk discounts are also available on any products purchased in quantities of 25. Customers interested can contact customer service for more information at 1-800-697-5583.

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