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Everlasting Everlast Products with USGoBuy

For the first time Everlast quality products are available for International delivery, and now no hassle forwarding through USGoBuy guarantees that your fitness and fighting gear equipment arrive with the same steadfast quality as when they started gaining their reputation in 1910. Starting off as a swimwear manufacturer with durability and stamina in mind, Jacob Golomb eventually changed his company into a retail store catering to full sportswear and equipment. Golomb secured the legacy of his products when he designed the training gear for Jack Dempsey who won the heavyweight championship wearing a pair of Golomb’s Everlast gloves. Serving more than 101 countries as of today, Everlast has continued to uphold its standards in products and customer satisfaction throughout the evolving waves of the industry.

Everlasting Everlast Products with USGoBuy

Buying lasting products through Everlast with USGoBuy save you time and money while shopping, so you can spend more time dedicated to your sport. All it takes is to register through where you will receive an address to use when making your purchases. The items will then be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where shipping details can be added if necessary before paying forwarding fees. Most third party online transaction sites, such as Paypal, can be used at this time to secure payment. Your packages will then be sent on their way to make it to their destination. A simple technique, just like in the gym or in the ring, makes sure your products are delivered on time and secure.

Everlast Products

Whether your game is boxing, MMA, or fitness in general, Everlast provides equipment and apparel that are unparalleled in the most advanced fitness technology and are also fashion forward to help boost self esteem when getting “in the zone”. Stylish workout gear as well as competitive apparel are available as well as top of the line fitness equipment and accessories, gloves, protective gear, punching bags, and training equipment for both boxing and MMA, as well as fan gear.

Bundles and Savings

Signing up to Everlast email to receive a fifteen percent discount off of your order for first time subscribers adds more incentive to receive further information on future bargains and new lines available. Everlast is always careful with your informations, and just like your purchases, will be handled with the utmost care. Be on the lookout for sales and clearances when buying bulk that can lead to over fifty percent off the original wholesale price!

Everlast also takes pride in lasting customers and their customer service line is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST at 1-800-821-7930. Live chat online is also available during that time depending on what is most convenient or questions can be asked through Any questions or concerns are always welcome during this time and will be answered as quickly as possible.

Be sure to keep up with the articles posted on their website to see how Everlast is continually evolving as a business and within the sports community!

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