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Factory Entertainment

The factory of your dreams is now available for the picking.

Not just a shop but a factory.

If you love Comic-Con or have had the chance to attend a Comic-Con event then surely you have heard of Factory Entertainment. Factory Entertainment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality licensed toys, collectibles and household goods featuring a wide variety of music and entertainment properties.

Factory Entertainment’s mission statement in short, is to provide great products that enhance the experience of being a fan and a collector. Whether it's an action figure or an autographed limited edition prop replica, all of our products are born of an enthusiasm to create ‘wonderful things’ that we, as collectors ourselves, would want to own. 

You can find all of your favourite movie characters on Factory Entertainment’s website from brands such as Aquaman, Back To The Future, DC Comics, The Flash, JAWS, Temple Run, Suicide Squad, Batman, Breaking Bad, Harry Potter, Iron Giant, Justice League, National Lampoon’, Outlander, Stan Lee and many more.

If you happened to go to the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Convention you can find all of the exclusive products found at the Comic-Con on Factory Entertainment’s website. There are hundreds of products in stock on Factory Entertainment online store. If you are looking for specific brands, products or styles your best shot is to look on Factory Entertainment’s online store. You can find accessories, busts, 12inch action figures, fine art sculptures, LARP foam swords, lithographs and prints, plush toys, metal miniatures, prop replicas, SWAT soft weapon and tactics and tin totes and towels.

Factory Entertainment also has the option to buy in wholesale so you can stock up your own store and not pay the premium price for individual pieces.   We hope you enjoy our products and that you get as much pleasure from owning them as we did from making them. 

Purchasing directly from Factory Entertainment also has its perks as you can easily return items within 30 days of purchase due to their lenient return policy and does not cover products purchased from any other retailers or resellers, or products purchased on the secondary market. i.e. online auction sites.

Shipping costs more than the product itself...

Living outside the USA is not a problem anymore for shopping on the Factory Entertainment U.S. online store, since international customers now have access to USGoBuy.

International shipping can cost more than what the product does itself, if you happen to be buying a replica from Factory Entertainment size of the replica will increase the shipping price. Factory Entertainment does offer $6.95 shipping on all orders $50 and over to the 48 states but does not include international shipping aswell. Conveniently acting as a package forwarding service provider USGoBuy makes your purchase fun. You can have your product delivered to our warehouse based in the U.S.A for $6.95 if it is a $50 and over order and USgoBuy will forward the package onto you. USGoBuy’s services are just what you need to make sure your purchases are internationally delivered to you at the lowest price possible.

USGoBuy is your shopping & shipping expert service provider in USA. You can get your free USGoBuy address to use for online shopping instantly, simply register online and that’s it!

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