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Climb your way to the top with 510.

Climb your way to the top with 510.

Climbing or Mountain biking what’s your pick?

Five Ten Footwear also know as 510 is an American manufacture for outdoor and athletic footwear and is one of the top selling climbing shoe manufactures worldwide.

Five Ten is founded when Charles Cole invents the first sticky rubber sneaker (the Five Tennie). The company’s name is derived from the Yosemite Decimal System, a method of rating the difficulty of rock climbs. The Five Tennie quickly becomes the shoe of choice for big walls and approaches.

510 is famously known for its climbing shoe, which is available in three different styles, aggressive, moderate and neutral. Aggressive shoes have downturned toes that let your feet grip and pull onto holds. Primarily designed for overhanging rock and steep plastic, this style of shoe has the most aggressive heel tension and an asymmetric shape for added toe power and precision.

Moderate has a slightly downturned toes and medium heel tension, the models in this line are ideal for technical single and multiple pitch climbs where you need performance move after move. The shape is gently asymmetric for ramped up toe power without compromising comfort.

Neutral was built for when footwork counts. Pitch after pitch, they are our all-around heroes, and shine on everything from thin hand cracks, to steep faces. They have protective uppers with a relaxed fit.

510 also designs and makes shoes specifically for mountain biking which are incredibly versatile and provide that extra margin of confidence and safety when you’re rolling through steep, technical terrain. Plus, the soles are designed for performance both on and off the bike for times when you are hiking and biking, or just wandering around scoping lines.

Gravity shoes offer advanced protection and stability for riders who are pushing the limits of what’s possible on a bike. Love throwing dumped threes or learning oppo tricks, the dirt mountain biking shoes are the right fit for you.

Get the right shoes for the right job with USGoBuy.

Payments can be troublesome when purchasing products from U.S online stores. The 510 U.S. online store currently does not offer international shipping but there is always a way. USGoBuy is here to save the day with cheap international forwarding and shipping. So what’s holding you back now?

At USGoBuy we can ship to 200 countries worldwide and have cheap international shipping that you won’t get at 510. Our services give you an incredible shopping experience for all international customers outside the United States. This is how is works:

USGoBuy gives you a US shipping address for free, so you can have free shipping from
510 and purchase using USD so there are no surprise exchange rate charges. 

Once your
510 shoes arrive at USGoBuy warehouse, you have 2 options: Either ask USGoBuy to ship out the packages to your international address or ask USGoBuy to consolidate your 510 parcel with other US purchases to save your shipping fee. 

Submit shipping request to USGoBuy, pay the heavily discounted shipping fee and all you have to do is wait for your parcels at home!

Sounds easy right? Well it is that simple.

Climb your way to the top

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