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Using USGoBuy to Purchase Flexible Industrial Supply

Flexible Industrial Supply stands for exactly what it name says — flexibility in figuring out how to find your needs your way. Based out of San Diego, a division of Flexible Assembly Systems Inc., Flexible Industrial Supply quickly became a staple as an industrial supplier and distributor of the highest quality industrial products available. Eddie Silverberg, the President of the company, and his brother Aaron established their business in 2003 out of their parents’ garage and because of their focus on repairs, maintenance, and operations with customer needs in mind, their flexibility based start up quickly became a house name in the field.

Flexible Industrial Supply Products

Knowledgeability and focus on your needs and any questions about cutting tools, hoists and winches, impact tools, drivers, grinders, air screw drivers or any other general support are readily available at our e-commerce store or at their toll free number 800-696-7614 or internationally at 619-287-7000. The first thing that will pop up on your visit to their e-commerce store will be a chat engine service offering to help find your needs. That’s customer service at its finest from the start! Flexible Industrial Supply offers an array of brands from Apex to Proline and can direct you to their surplus of inventory. Flexible Industry Supply also offers assembly tools, scientific supply, and automation supply in addition to their niche category. Flexible Industrial Supply also offers full service factory repair tool service to extend the life of your tool to its fullest.

Using USGoBuy to Purchase Flexible Industrial Supply

USGoBuy provides an uncomplicated process for any International shipping or processing needs. After going onto and registering, you will be sent an address to use while finishing up shopping At Flexible Industrial Supply. After finalizing purchases, your order will be sent to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon before heading on its way to the destination of your choice. All shipping fees can be taken care of via most third party internet transaction sites such as PayPal for peace of mind with your information and your merchandise. The flexibility continues into USGoBuy’s business model and any specifications about your shipment can be made at the time of payment for fees.

While Flexible Industrial Supply always offers discounted rates on their products, there are periodical sales that will pop up as incentive to buy while the time is right! Flexible Industrial Supply is currently igniting flames with their “fire sale”, which features unbeatable sales and specials on certain inventory items. They are snatched up quick, so be sure to tackle the fire while it’s still hot!

With short-lead times, prices that sell out fast, and expert service always available, Flexible Industrial Supply always has flash item sales to stay on the look out for in all categories available. Stay in contact through their Flexible Newsroom portal on LinkedIn or just hop on their web chat to ask about upcoming sales.

Flexible shopping, sales, and customer service to fit your needs at competitive prices. What more could you ask for?

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