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Purchasing Flowtron Products Through USGoBuy

Proudly family owned from its start in 1920, Armatron International began in the automobile manufacturer field and has evolved into the Flowtron division to provide outdoor products with quality that is unmatched from the design stage all the way to manufacturing through their line of lawn and garden products. All products are made in the United States and are inspected through each stage to assure the customer that they are receiving the best in the industry with their hard earned paycheck. Innovation and hard work have paid off and nothing shows it better than the products themselves with durability and top notch quality at the core of their design.

Flowtron Products

One thing that can ruin any outdoor event or neighborhood BBQ are insects invading a private party. Pest control is a major concern for most garden and yard enthusiasts and Flowtron offers mosquito and fly control, including the “PowerTrap” line to guarantee no pesky guests invading your area whether hosting a bonfire or weeding in the garden. Flowtron even offers a product called the “Leaf-Eater” to help reduce yard waste — saving your back the effort and your storage the space when making mulch!

Flowtron also offers the option of buying discounted new products that have been discontinued or secondhand/refurbished products through their factory store to save you even more on popular products that are still guaranteed the same quality and satisfaction.

Flowtron always offers product support along with all of their products including online instruction guides and tutorials to help aid with any decisions while deciding on purchases. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions are heavily encouraged and the number to dial is 781-321-2300 or email for any customer help needed. Flowtron takes pride in its parts and services and wants their customers to know they are valued.

Purchasing Flowtron Products Through USGoBuy

USGoBuy is one of the leading third party International forwarding and service companies and wants to make sure that your shopping experience is as seamless as possible. The first step is to register an account through where you will receive an address to use when processing your purchases. After your shopping is complete, your packages will be shipped to the Oregon based warehouse of USGoBuy where any details about your shipping needs can be added before finalizing fees for the final leg of the journey. USGoBuy accepts most third party internet transaction sites such as PayPal to make your shopping process more convenient. After that, sit back and relax knowing that your parcels are on their way to your doorstep!

While Flowtron doesn’t offer traditional sales normally like most e-commerce stores, just perusing their factory store that leads up to forty percent off, an even bigger discount than whole sale prices, explains that the savings are already included in the price.

Quality product support and customer service are always a priority and Flowtron’s superior products are a testament to their dedication in the field.

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