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Purchasing Garrett Wade Merchandise Through USGoBuy

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1975, Garret Wade has always had a simple vision they want to provide for their customers. Garret has a strict set of standards when it comes to their ethics both conducting business and with the quality instilled in their products. Not that there isn’t a little romanticism involved in their products — they want you to fall in love with them and “make your heart beat just a little bit faster.” 100% guarantee on products for ninety days including return shipping for customers that aren’t satisfied with their purchases. Trust, honesty, and fair pricing are the principles that Garret Wade adheres to and they want to guarantee that what they sell are the best available tools when it comes to working outdoors, in the garden, woodworking, or hammering around in the workshop. Garret Wade has even expanded to carry products for inside your home to help maintain quality and assurance that exudes from the inside out.

Purchasing Garrett Wade Merchandise Through USGoBuy

Ordering online internationally through USGoBuy makes sure that your packages are secured and safe on their way to their final destination. USGoBuy follows the same principles as Garrett Wade in their standards of productivity and trust. Your information will always be secure and your deliveries will be made at optimal speed with proper handling care. Simply go onto and register for an account. You will then receive an address to use when checking out from your e-commerce store. After processing has been verified, your items will then be shipped to the Oregon warehouse for USGoBuy where you can then add any specifics about packaging before your parcels are headed to their final destination. At this stage, payment for shipping can be made through your account through most online third party transaction websites such as PayPal. Your new purchases will then arrive shortly at their final destination marker for your enjoyment.

Garret Wade Tools

All outdoor items from weed control to gardening clean up are available in an extensive array of selections to fit the needs for your area. When it comes to woodworking, Garrett Wade even offers antique tools for sale in addition to staples such as chisels, handsaws, furniture plans, etc. Garret Wade offers almost everything you can think of — workshop tools, home and office accessories, you name it! If there’s a tool you need, chances are that Garret Wade sells it.

While Garret Wade doesn’t offer pop up discounts like most e-commerce stores, their clearance section speaks for itself in terms of the already discounted quality items. Their sale items include knives, pruners, saws, clocks, and carving sets available for more than fifty percent off of the original price!

The level of customer service is on par with any high level e-commerce store and support is readily available through email or by calling 1-800-221-2942 if chatting by phone is preferable.

Tools with promises in their structure are the essence of what Garret Wade embodies and their service available can attest to the same principles. Happy savings!

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