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Shopping at GNC may become a bit tricky for international shoppers because the GNC international shipping simply doesn't exist for many countries. Even if international shipping is available, their rate is surprisingly high! Is there a better solution for your GNC shopping needs? Sure, USGoBuy package forwarding service is the way out!

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Lowest international shipping cost together with free services

We offer the lowest possible international shipping for GNC’s overseas customers. Estimate your shipping cost with our cost calculator, and you will see how much you can save on international shipping!

How we could offer shipping rate that is lower than US retailers? Cause we have gained discounts from our shipping partners like DHL, FedEx and US Postal Services.Besides your savings on shipping rate, you can also save in many other ways. USGoBuy offers a series of services at zero charges for international shoppers. These free services include:

  • Free repacking service
  • Free consolidation service
  • Free products images
  • Free products storage
  • Free membership

What kinds of benefits you gain from our free services? Many! Our repacking and consolidation service is dedicated to lowering your packages’ unnecessary weight/size. It is clear this will save your total shipping costs. Free images taken for your purchased products make you relaxed and ensure you are buying what you want from US retailers. Storing your packaged at our warehouse for up to 90 days without any costs will make your online shopping convenient and worry-free. 

How our package forwarding service works for GNC international shopping 

Each customer is given a unique US address in the USGoBuy's warehouse. This is a valid US address that you can use for your GNC orders. Once the GNC package arrives, you will be notified and can submit your requests including: repacking, consolidation, picture taking or direct shipping out to our international address at home. When this happens USGoBuy will only be paid with international shipping cost!

If you do not have the GNC preferred payment method, ask USGoBuy to buy on your behalf and you only need to pay us 5% of your item value, which is much lower than the average 10% charged by other package forwarders.

Shopping at any USA online stores becomes easy with USGoBuy international package forwarding service!

About GNC

GNC is the short name of General Nutrition Corporation, top retailer of health and nutrition related products based in Pennsylvania.  GNC is a company that is very interested in helping people meet all of their fitness and health goals. They specialize in vitamins and health supplements both for the average person as well as athletes. The company prizes itself on using the latest technology and scientific advancements to ensure the quality of it's products.

GNC shopping tips and coupons

One efficient way to help make GNC USA online shopping as inexpensive as possible is to watch for coupons scattered throughout the website. Search for GNC coupons and order with coupons! GNC runs a variety of adds and specials that are only valid for online shopping and this can also help cut the shopping costs. Another way is to join their gold members club. The membership is only $9.99 with an added flat shipping fee of $3.99 for new members to receive their card. This membership card can take up to fifty percent off of any purchase and is usable in the online store any time. 

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