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Found the perfect sneaker? Time to use USGoBuy.

Who or what is the GOAT?

Who or what is the GOAT?

Sneakerheads, Hypebeasts the GOAT is here!

If you are a sneakerhead or hypebeast then surely you have heard of GOAT. Although it may be full of good and bad memories GOAT has a huge variety of shoes available from brand new to second hand.

There are hundreds of million fakes, defects, frauds and old return sneakers in the world so how can you know that when you are buying sneakers that you are paying the full price for are brand new and authentic. GOAT has got your back as they offer an authentication certificate on all sneakers sold. Although this authentication is somewhat questionable GOAT’s authentication process is a strong 70% correct most of the time.

To list a pair or shoes, a seller sends in seven standardized photos. GOAT will try to authenticate that they're real, using machine learning to do a first pass on the photos and comparing them to an image database of real and fake versions. 

Once a listing is up, buyers bid on shoes, similar to eBay. But instead of shipping them directly, the seller sends them to GOAT's headquarters where experts inspect each pair. They use microscopic technology to look at the shoes, weigh them and check things like the fonts.

Sellers are charged a fee, which goes up or down based on the quality of the experience. A good seller is charged 9.5% and $5 for a shipping label.

When purchasing from GOAT be aware of these unexpected charges, as they are not properly displayed. If you happen to be purchasing from outside the U.S.A then it is advised to check the customs and tax fees for your specific country as these fees are very much likely to be more than the item itself.

Most customers misunderstand returns and customer service at GOAT. Customer service at GOAT is very slow so expect to wait up to 2 weeks for a response and don’t expect much of a response. In regards to returns GOAT will charge you for returns and not offer any compensation for exchanges either often giving you less money that what you have paid for the item. It is recommended to research shipping, returns, exchanges and customer service at Goat before making the purchase.

Once you understand all of these requirements the 250,000 sneakers listed on GOAT are up for the taking.

Found the perfect sneaker? Time to use USGoBuy.

It’s now time to make that purchase, you cant be eyeing of sneaker of the century forever. There is not a huge stock of a specific shoe at Goat so get in fast. Making your purchase on the GOAT website can be a little confusing as there is little information of international shipping and payments but now there is no need worry. While going through the GOAT checkout you may find that there is no shipping to your country or your payment method isn’t accepted but USGoBuy is here for you. It is recommended you check the tax and custom fees of shipping to your country before making the purchase.

USGoBuy’s warehouse is based in the U.S.A ready and waiting to receive your shipment to then send it internationally at a cheap rate of course. If you have large orders that need to be shipped internationally we do offer cheap discounts, which can be calculated during the USGoBuy checkout.

If international shipping is not your problem but payment methods are we are also here to help. If your payment is not accepted by Displate we can help you pay in USD. Just sign up to the USGoBuy website and follow the prompts.

It’s all about you with USGoBuy.

Sneakerheads, Hypebeasts its time.

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