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Hypebeasts your birthday has come early.

Hypebeasts your birthday has come early.

What is HBX all about?

Founded in 2012, HBX has developed and refined itself to now feature over 200 carefully curated brands, which offer valued consumers everything from Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Prints and Tech goods.

HBX focuses on brands that tell a strong story through their products, whether it's the intricacies within the construction or the boundary-pushing ideas that are displayed through creative direction. The brands featured at HBX are sourced from all over the world such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and many more.

There are loads of products available from men’s, women’s to kids and hundreds of online sales up to 60% off. HBX carries all the popular brands so you can look fresh during your next outing. Brands include Adidas, Helmut Lang, Heron Preston, Human Made, Loewe, Moncler, Nike, Off White, Palm Angles, Prada, Stussy.

Jackets, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie, pants, jeans, shorts, knitwear, shoes, dresses and active wear are all available on the HBX online store. A ton of accessories are also available from bags, wallets, small goods, hats, belts, jewellery, eyewear, underwear and socks.

At the heart of HBX are their customers. Everything HBX does, from creating engaging and inspirational content through our gripping editorials, to traveling the world in the search for new and exciting products, to partnering with FedEx that ensures orders arrive to you in a timely manner, is for you.

HBX hopes you enjoy your shopping experience and please do not hesitate to reach out to their customer service should there be questions, concerns, observations or even styling tips.

HBX has given visitors the opportunity to conveniently shop and purchase some of our favorite brands spanning street wear to contemporary and high fashion. With a truly eclectic mix of numerous styles, our online store offers a one-stop destination for numerous innovative and highly sought-after brands.

Hypebeasts your time is running out. Get in quick with USGoBuy.

Shipping and payments can be troublesome when purchasing products from U.S online stores. The HBX U.S. online store currently does offer international shipping to a handful of countries but there is always a way. USGoBuy is here to save the day with cheap international forwarding and shipping and payment methods.

At USGoBuy we can ship to 200 countries worldwide and have cheap international shipping that you won’t get at HBX. Our services give you an incredible shopping experience for all international customers outside the United States. This is how is works:

USGoBuy gives you a US shipping address for free, so you just have to pay cheap shipping and can avoid extra fees and exchange rate charges when paying as we using USD.

Once your
HBX parcel shoes arrives at USGoBuy warehouse, you have 2 options: Either ask USGoBuy to ship out the packages to your international address or ask USGoBuy to consolidate your HBX parcel with other US purchases to save your shipping fee. Submit your shipping request to USGoBuy, pay the heavily discounted shipping fee and all you have to do is wait for your parcels at home!

It is that simple.

Sales are this way.

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