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How do I use USGoBuy for my HSGM USA buying needs?

Located in South Caroline, HSGM is the daughter company of of HSGM GmbH and opened in 1998 with their only end goal in mind being to meet the needs of their customers. Proudly stating that they are the only HSGM authorized company in North America, HSGM operates as a warehouse and sales office as well as having technicians on staff for any questions or concerns when buying products or after purchasing. “Work with the customer...” is the motto and the business is driven to do just that with leading customer service in the heat cutting equipment industry. Partnering with engineers in Germany, the custom components and competition in pricing serves as a model in the industry, saving customers time and money with an easy to use outlet for quality products and also sets an example for engineers in the field to adhere their standards to.

HSGM Purchasing Options

Fabric cutters, rope cutters, webbing cutters and parts, and polystyrene products may sound like another language to people not familiar with the business, which is why HSGM has incredible customer service to help with whatever the needs are specifically needed for cutters, blades, and machines complete with an online video gallery and documents to help support any questions along with a customer service hotline available at 888-854-4746. If email is more convenient, their address is for more information. Their testimonials are available online to ensure trust and assurance of their products and services.

HSGM Best Selling Products

Slitter Machines (Longitudinal Therm Cutting Machines)

These machines are automatic, but can be custom built upon request for one or multiple cuts depending on the customer’s needs.

Plastic Cutting Machines

While taking this kind of machine into consideration, it is important to keep in mind the application, type of plastic, and thickness needed for operation. As aforementioned, customer service is always readily available to check if there is a machine that can be built for you.

Rope and Belt Cutting Machines

Available in automatic and semi-automatic forms, these machines offer some of the most flexible in the field int arms of the variety of talents that can be achieved. Almost every cut that can be thought of including perforation and shaping can be done, in addition to pressing, marketing, and printing as some of the many features ingrained in these devices.

How do I use USGoBuy for my HSGM USA buying needs?

Simple! All you have to do is go onto and register for an account to use during your purchasing phase. After using this address to finish checking out, your items will be

shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you can add any specific delivery details at this point. After paying for shipping fees, which can be done through your account at and finalized through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal, your packages will be on their way safely to their final destination for you to enjoy.

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