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How USGoBuy Makes International Shopping at IKEA Possible & Affordable

For international shoppers interested in IKEA USA online shopping, it now can become very easy. Though at IKEA international shipping is not available, customers can take advantage of USGoBuy’s package forwarding service for IKEA. Through USGoBuy it becomes possible to do IKEA online shopping by having the necessary US address, which is given by USGoBuy for free upon registration.You can ship all your IKEA purchases to this address. Once the IKEA packages arrive at USGoBuy, it becomes a simple mater of paying the international shipping fee and having them delivered to your door. USGoBuy will arrange the shipping from USA to your international address.

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More Secure and Cheaper: Free Services Available to Lower Costs

USGoBuy’s package forwarding service is dedicated to keeping  international shoppers’ IKEA shopping easy and affordable. The domestic shipping cost that IKEA itself charges can be found on its website. As to the international shipping cost, you can calculate that with our shipping cost calculator. USGoBuy tries all we can to ensure secure and cheap international shipping for IKEA’s international customers.

USGoBuy users can also benefit from our free services that are here to lower customers’ shipping costs by reducing your package weight or size. USGoBuy free repacking service can repack your packages to reduce the weight or size. There are also package consolidation services to combine all your purchases into one large package, by so doing your base weight is reduced and thus the price. USGoBuy can even take pictures for your purchases and send to you for free, and you will rest assured about your purchases. 

 About IKEA and why shop at IKEA

IKEA is a company that specializes in creating a wide range of functional furniture cheap enough for most people to be able to afford.Instructions for assembling any of the items purchasable through the website can be downloaded free. For those who need more visual assistance, there is a section of step by step videos to explain how some of the most popular products are assembled.IKEA USA online store also has catalogs available, through which even international shoppers will find they have complete access to most of IKEA's product line. Another benefit to buying furniture through IKEA is that the website also contains helpful tips for decorating and assembling the most popular items as well as tips for decorating.

IKEA shopping tips & coupons

Lastly, do your home before shopping at IKEA, you can either find shopping guide at IKEA or from former customers. There is one more step towards saving money, use the free IKEA coupons available.

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