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Jet has the lowest deals around and USGoBuy has the cheapest international shipping.

Shop curated brands and city essentials all in one place.

Jet has the lowest deals around and USGoBuy has the cheapest international shipping.

Shop curated brands and city essentials all in one place.

Sopping on Jet’s online store for the first time is a new and exciting experience that makes it easier to get your essentials, so you never run out when it counts. Featuring a curated assortment of new and leading brands, because all in one place is better than all over the city, with a mission to give customers like you a better, tailored shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life. 

The everyday can sometimes be overwhelming, but getting what you need shouldn’t be. inspires you as you search, helping you find your favorites and discover new ones, too. 

Jet's everyday low prices drop even lower when its real-time savings engine kicks in. Jet is "a shopping site dedicated to saving you even more money." It does this by taking account of optimal packing and shipping conditions: It costs less to ship multiple items together, so when you add items with the down arrow icon to your cart, it brings down the price of other items in your cart.

Some things like toilet paper or your favorite cereal you know you'll definitely keep, so opting out of free returns is another way to save. At Jet you can also purchase in bulk resulting in extra savings. You'll also be rewarded when you stock up. For example, buying six packs of the toilet paper brings the price of each pack down from $21.14 to $20.16.

Shopping on Jet is more convenient than ever before. Your cart always sits on the side of the browser so you can always see price adjustments and add or delete items easily. You don't need to click to another page to view your cart and edit it. It also provides a tracker so you know how close you are to the free shipping minimum of $35.

You get free 2-5 day shipping on orders over $35; otherwise, shipping is $5.99 for orders under $35. To ensure 2-day delivery, you must place your order by 2 p.m. in the time zone to which your things are being shipped. For now, Jet only ships to the contiguous US. 

If you like to shop smaller brands, Uniquely J is Jet's own brand offering clean living, storage, paper, food, and coffee products and are worth checking out. Uniquely J's 100% Arabica coffee is organic and Fair Trade, while its delicious snacks (biscotti thins and savory crisps) are preservative- and artificial flavor-free. Its laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, and soaps use plant-based ingredients and don't contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine.

You can also shop bundles of Uniquely J products to save an additional 10%.

To further incentivize you, JetCash is a reward that's basically free money to be used on future Jet purchases. $1 of JetCash is equal to $1 off any purchase on Jet. One way to earn JetCash is to refer your friends to the site. You can earn up to $15 in JetCash per referral, depending on how many friends you refer.

Get the savings you deserve with USGoBuy.

Living outside the USA is not a problem anymore for shopping at U.S online stores like Jet, since international customers now have USGoBuy based in the U.S.

USGoBuy is your shopping & shipping service expert in the USA. You can get your USGoBuy address to use for online shopping for free. Simply register on the USGoBuy website! When your purchases are shipped by the retailers, they first arrive at your USGoBuy warehouse, and then USGoBuy ships to your international address outside USA.

Benefits include; 60% off international shipping worldwide, free US address for online shopping, free handling, repacking, concierge services, free package storage at warehouse with no deadline. It is without doubt that USGoBuy makes your international shopping experience cheap, convenient and fun! Join us now to enjoy free services.

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