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How do I use USGoBuy to purchase my beauty must haves from Jouer Cosmetics?

Jouer Cosmetics focuses on the value of accentuating a woman’s natural beauty and the elements each individual woman loves most about themselves. Christina Zilber, the founder and creative director, designed Jouer Cosmetics when she wasn’t busy working with UNICEF to help create lines of products that make women feel beautiful in their own skin with their own style. Jouer means “to play” in French and that is exactly what these products are meant to do at a level of quality that is unparalleled in the industry with bargain prices attached to them.

Jouer Beauty Products

With an emphasis for products to highlight the eyes, face, and lips, Jouer also offers accessories to browse as well as collections that combine the most popular products for certain looks. A Holiday Gift Guide is available to point customers in the right direction for the perfect purchases to wrap up for friends and relatives. Here a few of the highlights that customers are raving about:

Get Charmed Lip Gift Set

A special holiday set, this array of lip glosses in several stained colors leaves you with the perfect tinted puckered lips for those mistletoes moments. Ranging on the color spectrum from dark plum, to a light shimmer these glosses offer the right colors to complement every outfit this bargain set of seven shades is a steal at $36.00 USD.

Make a Wish Eyeshadow and Brush Kit with Pochette

Four top of the line designed brushes built to seamlessly blend colors to dazzle those gorgeous eyes are a must have for both everyday use and to spice up the colors on special nights out. A staple for any beauty buff, this kit comes in a stylish pochette to keep your brushes looking as hip as your outfits running at $40.00 USD.

Rose Gold Matte and Shimmer Palette

This blush and shimmer bouquet highlights four twelve colors to play with. Subtle and suitable for any skin shade, this kit offers variety and the opportunity to match the level of “blush” you are trying to achieve. For $40.00 USD, this quality palette will last you for many holiday seasons to come.

How do I use USGoBuy to purchase my beauty must haves from Jouer Cosmetics?

I’m glad you asked! USGoBuy works by simplicity to make it easier for the customer to focus on other aspects of their busy lives. It goes like this — simply register for an official account on where you will receive an address to use when checking out with your pampering essentials. After checkout, your items will be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you can specify any details about handling before your packages are forwarded to their final destination. At this stage, final payments for shipping can be made through your

USGoBuy account and most online third party payment platforms such as PayPal are accepted. With the utmost care in handling and swiftness, your parcels will then arrive to your doorstep in the blink of an eye.

Jouer Cosmetics is built on the principle of highlighting your inner beauty on the outside on your terms and USGoBuy will make sure that you get to experiment as soon as possible to find your glow.

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