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How do I ship these beauty steals my way with USGoBuy?

All Korean inspired products are brought to you thanks to Jane Park, Julep’s founder, and offer beauty skincare and makeup gems that focus on results that are paraben, animal cruelty, and SLS free to give you a glow that truly emanates health, while shimmering the beauty that embodies you.

Julep Product Highlights

Double Cleanse Starter Set

Featured in Allure magazine as a top pick from both editors and customers, this Korean method of double cleansing makes sure that your face receives the best impurity defying process to give you a fresh start palette for the rest of your make up procedure. This two step process produces your best shine and is on sale for $38 USD.

Julep Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy

Your nails represent your strength on the inside and out and these botanical extracts paired with Oxygen Technology are recommended by top notch nail salons to keep your nails healthy and ready for your day to come. Selling for $18 USD, do as Julep recommends be “brave pretty” with this customer favorite.

Cushion Complexion 5-in-1 Skin Perfector with Turmeric

This Beauty O-Awards winner works its magic at $30 USD with a wide variety of skin shades to match your tone and hone your skin for a day at work or a night on the town. Versatile as a foundation or spot corrector, this product favorite provides the perfect cover up. It is recommended to go a shade lighter if debating on which tone fits your skin better. This Perfector was also featured as a favorite in Oprah’s magazine!

How do I ship these beauty steals my way with USGoBuy?

We’re glad you asked! USGoBuy wants to make your shipping process as easy as possible (we don’t want to cause you any stress blemishes to waste your products on!) and can be completed in three easy steps for a trustworthy process with a company that puts their customers first. Simply go onto and register for an official account where you will be given an address to use when checking out with your products. After your products are shipped, they will arrive at the USGoBuy warehouse where payment for forwarding can be completed through your account with most internet transaction platforms such as Paypal. The last step is to rest knowing that your packages will soon arrive from safe hands to their final destination.

Julep Shopper Perks

Julep automatically offers a twenty five percent discount on your first purchase by signing up for their email newsletter! While Julep doesn’t usually feature flash sales, their products offer the

quality that is already discounted with the selling price. Julep also offers a customized selection of a new collection each month if you decide to take advantage of their Julep Beauty Box. You get to decide what you receive from an array of full-size K-Beauty products and these boxes are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and are a bargain click away at $24.99 a month or $19.99 with a prepaid plan and can be cancelled at any time.

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