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Things are definitely improving for international shoppers who want to shop at Kmart. Forget about the unavailable international shipping to your country or the terribly high international shipping cost, you have better shopping experience and lower international shipping rate with USGoBuy.

See what our previous customers say about USGoBuy package forwarding service:

“USGoBuy has made my USA shopping at Kmart much easier and cheaper than before. I saved a lot with USGoBuy’s package consolidation service and their shipping rate to my country is much lower! I recommend USGoBuy for those international shoppers who want to buy from USA retailers.”

                                                                                             By Olivia from Canada

How USGoBuy package forwarding service works for Kmart international shopping

When you have USGoBuy package forwarding service, there's no longer a hassle with ordering items from Kmart.Search no more for cheap international shipping for Kmart. If Kmart doesn't provide international shipping to your address or does not accept your payment method, you can still get your items purchased and shipped with USGoBuy shopping service and international shipping for Kmart.

how USGoBuy package forwarding service works

(Learn in details on how package forwarding service works for Kmart)

Step 1: USGoBuy offers you a free USA address and you then can shop at Kmart like all Americans do. (Register for free to own your US address now)

Step 2: Visit Kmart and shop all the things you love, then check out with your given USA address. If Kmart does not accept your card or billing info, ask USGoBuy to purchase all the items on your behalf.

Step 3: Kmart arranges shipping of your purchases to your USGoBuy address. Once these purchases arrive, international shoppers will get notified and simply go to your USGoBuy account to decide further movements. You have the following choices at hand:

A. Wait for your other purchases made on different USA retailing sites. You can store your packages at USGoBuy warehouse for free up to 180 days. Then have all your packages consolidated for free to lower your international shipping cost.

B. Have your packages repacked to lower the size or weight, and save on shipping cost finally.

C. Submit a instant delivery request and have your packaged shipped out to your international address. Inform USGoBuy of your international address and pay for the international shipping cost. (Estimate the international shipping cost with our shipping cost calculator)

Step 4: USGoBuy ships out your packages according to your requirements and with your chosen shipping company ( USPS, FedEx and DHL)

Step 5: International shoppers get a tracking code to know where their package is and receive their purchases at door step finally.

Beneficial free services that come with USGoBuy package forwarding service

  • Free set up/registration
  • Free membership to avail of our services
  • Free package consolidation service
  • Free repacking service
  • Free image of your products
  • Free storage at warehouse up to 180 days 


 Kmart shopping tips & guides

Kmart offers an abundance of items for your everyday needs and your "not so everyday" needs. Everything from clothes & shoes to automotive items to furniture or grocery items can be found on Kmart USA online shopping.

Kmart offers brand name items and items exclusively sold through Kmart. You can find a great deal, no matter what you're looking for. As soon as you pull up the website, there are deals and discounts everywhere. Somethings are marked down, some are "buy one, get one" and you can earn points for future purchase discounts.

Kmart offers so many items to purchase online, you'll be able to find something for everyone in your life. Don't forget to check out the clearance section, located under the "departments" tab and start earning points with eligible purchases.

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