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Shop common and hard to find switch plates with USGoBuy.

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Shop common and hard to find switch plates with USGoBuy.

A finish for every room.             

Looking for a specific switch plate but cant seem to find it anywhere? You are now shopping in the largest selection of switch plate sizes on the web, Kylie Switch Plates. If you're looking for switch plates to complete your project, you can be confident that you'll find all the configurations you need in one place. With over 400 sizes available, you can buy wall plates for everything from standard houses with expanded lighting or industrial covers for unusual installations to vintage push button switches and plates for antique turn-of-the-century electrical wiring or replacement parts for vintage low voltage control systems in mid-century homes. 

Since 1982, Kyle has been finding creative solutions for customers with specialized needs. Kyle Switch Plates is a reliable resource for smart home solutions, whether it's sprucing up your home decor or finding reasonable fixes for remodelling mistakes. Kyle specializes in hard to find switch plates while offering a wide selection of standard, midway and oversize wall plates, outlet covers and audio video switch plates. Today, inventory continues to grow as they also stock coordinating light switches, electrical outlets, dimmers, communication jacks and more. 

As established switch plate experts, Kylie employees enjoy creative problem solving for contractors as well as regular homeowners. You'll find everything from a huge selection of sizes and exclusive custom parts to general buying guides and specialized low voltage wiring diagrams to help make your project fast and easy.

They love the challenge of helping customers find exactly what they're looking for. Kyle has been listening to her customers for years to identify unmet needs for specialty switch plate sizes and configurations. As a result, she's invented custom switch plates, short plates, narrow plates, conversion overlays, and expansion panels to ensure her customers always find a solution to their challenging situation when they shop at Kyle Switch Plates. Be sure to call them if you still can't find what you need - it might spark an idea for Kyle's next creative invention that will solve your problem.

Kyle Switch Plates only carries light switch and outlet covers that are manufactured in the United States. Cover plates are kept in-stock in Kyle's Northern California warehouse where they ship out to you in just 1-2 business days.

When you make a purchase at Kyle Switch Plates, you'll know you are getting a high quality item at a great price. They buy in volume yet inspect all wall plates to ensure that you will receive the value you expect at a price you'll appreciate. All of our switch plates are made in the USA for the best quality and price.

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