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Purchasing Leatherman Products Through USGoBuy

A Pacific Northwest native, Tim Leatherman graduated from Oregon State University with his Engineering degree with his goal to create a tool that was the ultimate “multi-tool”. After over three years of rejection letters for his prototype, Tim finally received an order with his partner Steve Berliner from Cabela’s for five hundred tools. That was 1983 and Leatherman Tools has maintained their principles of hard work to find the tool that works with enduring quality. “We will forever be an Oregon company” is the motto that keeps the company rooted to remember where they came from and that they didn’t compromise their idea of an easy to use appliance that would be available to the public.

Leatherman Tools Products

While multi-tools are the main draw for Leatherman merchandise (and they range in sizes!), wearables, knives, pocket tools, and accessories of the highest caliber ranging in prices from $25 USD to $300 USD are available depending on your project or daily life needs. Some recommended customer favorites include:

The Raptor

Not to fear — it even includes a holster. These medical shears are a bestseller and include an oxygen tank wrench, a cutter for rings, and glass breaker that can smash carbide. If that didn’t sound intense enough, it also is available in seven different colors to match your personality! At $69.95, this all inclusive pair means business.

Tread LT Wearable

A twenty nine tool in one wearable band, this bad boy represents ultimate transportability in its usefulness and also gives you a chance to show off its swagger. You can’t beat $174.95 as a price considering what you would pay for all of these tools separately.

Jam + Style PS Pocket Tool

Seven tools (including tweezers!) are included in this stainless steel, black oxide pocket machine that is perfect for any trip and is handy for just about anything. The Jam was designed with pro skaters like Arto Saari and is even TSA compliant. Currently being sold for $30.72 USD, this pocket tool is versatile that buying it is practically stealing from the company.

Purchasing Leatherman Products Through USGoBuy

USGoBuy is a leading name in the Forwarding and Shipping industry and will always put the customer’s needs first and keep your information secure. Convenience is key to providing any shipping service and USGoBuy makes it easy in just a few simple steps. First, go onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to type in during your checkout process. Your items will then be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you can make any specifications before their final leg of the journey to their final destination for you to enjoy.

It’s worth taking the time to become a Leatherman Insider and signing up for their email newsletter to receive exclusive offers and the hot gossip on new arrivals.

Portland born and world wide flown, Leatherman products provide the ultimate tool for any situation to make your life easier with the highest quality available.

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