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Buy Ledtronics Products Through USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping Services

How do I purchase these essential LEDtronics products through USGoBuy?

Buy Ledtronics Products Through USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping Services


Operating out of the sunny state of California, Ledtronics is home to over 12,000 products to create the future of light by replacing energy wasting light with “green” LED bulbs and products to help protect our Mother Earth. Setting its mark in the business industry in 1983, LEDtronics quickly became the leading American brand in their field due to their reputation with their customer service. LEDtronics boasts to be the only customer service center in their field to truly cater to each customer’s individual’s needs and wants. By anticipating the future of the industry, the LEDtronics team continues to be a leader their industry after over three decades.

How do I purchase these essential LEDtronics products through USGoBuy?

We’re glad you asked — it’s as simple as counting to three.

  1. Register for an official account through to receive an address to using during

    the checkout procedure at the LEDtronics e-commerce store.

  2. Your packages will then be shipped to the USGoBuy home base warehouse in Oregon. At

    this stage you can request any special delivery instructions before they are shipped and the fees for handling and forwarding can be taken care of through your account with most online transaction sites such as Paypal.

  3. Enjoy your lighting upgrade when it arrives to you knowing that it was handled with the utmost professionalism on your parcels’ journey.

LEDtronics Products

The best provider in their arena for products in the markets of Powerplants and Utilities, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Railroad, and Outdoor Area and Facilities, amongst many others, LEDtronics sets the bar for the best indoor, outdoor, industry specific, and indicators for OEM in LED lighting. Excuse the pun, but take the chance to gander at some of LEDtronics best selling highlights below:

LED Bulbs

From PAR & R bulbs to Chandelier bulbs, the variety of bulbs available at LEDtronics could fit any customer’s need and range in cost depending on your lighting needs which LEDtronics would be happen to help you find at (800) 579-4875 or by contacting their customer service department over the website.

Modular Street Lights

A sleek, trendy, dimmable model gives you the versatility to adjust your lighting to the environment around you whether it be a park, driveway, or the backyard for an evening bbq with the neighbors. The pricing will depend on the color temperature and power range you are looking for, but you are guaranteed to have the best quality product on the market at competitive prices.

LED Solar Products

LEDtronics truly has it all, including your solar LED needs fulfilled. Simply from laying out in the sun, these products still offer the same quality while being even more supportive of our environment. Some best selling choices include the portable solar lantern with FM radio, the classic Roshni solar LED lantern, and Shahbaz mini portal solar study light. Each of these items varies in pricing and the amount of hours that provide light, but the sturdiness and durability is guaranteed.

Be sure to peruse their holiday and clearance sale for extra savings and be sure to shine on!

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