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Purchase Levenger Merchandise With USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping Services

Utilizing USGoBuy to Splurge on Levenger Products

Purchase Levenger Merchandise With USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping ServicesStationary and Notebooks? Check.
Laptop bags for both men and women? Check. Phone and tech cases? Triple check!

Levenger is a leading brand in products that promote creativity and production to give you the extra oomph to get through your next project or work day. Since 1987, Steve and Lori Leveen live off of the motto for their business that inspires them — “We aren’t changing the world, our customers are.” The concept to create items that help inspire you through their beauty and uniqueness to support and motivate your creativity with the best caliber materials are what Levenger has set out to do with success which is shown through the support of their loyal customer reviews.

Utilizing USGoBuy to Splurge on Levenger Products

With USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping Services, your purchases are guaranteed to arrive to you with as much care as possible while maintaining the speed needed to help you enjoy your items as fast as possible. With a few simple steps, USGoBuy will have your parcels on their way to your mailbox. Just hop onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use when finalizing your purchases through checkout. After your items arrive at the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon, you will then have the chance to add any specific instructions about final shipping before completing shipping and handling fees which can be handled through most third party online transaction sites such as Paypal. Then, voila! Your items will arrive worry free to spark the innovation that helps inspire your day.

Levenger Product Highlights

Almost any item you can think of in the departments of reading, writing, stationary and notebooks, home and office particulars and decor, tech, and travel from personalized pens to bookstands are available to suit every age. The Olivia Business Bag Brief is especially popular as a women’s item selling for $229 USD to accentuate any meeting in style. The unisex Wallet Eyeglass Case is one of the newer items that has been hot off the shelf while customers are prepping for the holiday season early and is selling for $89 available in both red and black. Arrivals fresh off the market are also being featured for the upcoming gift giving holidays. The Ultimate Circa Kit is available starting at $229 USD and has everything you need for your desk to make a fresh start for 2019 including a leather foldable notebook, weekly agenda refill sheets, a universal desk punch, and your choice of rose gold or platinum aluminum Circa discs.

Levenger also understands traditional shopping choices and a catalogue is easily available to be sent to your doorstep on request before purchasing through the e-commerce store if that is your preference. Be sure to sign up for the email list for the latest updates on new styles, products, and upcoming sales. Levenger is currently prolonging their “Black Friday” sales for up to thirty percent off of certain products to help ring in the holiday spirit.

Whatever your office and creative needs are, Levenger is here to help you with the utmost class and style that inspires you to work at your best.

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