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A tangent of Hat World, Inc., LIDS Sports Group has grown to comprise itself of more than one thousand retail stores raking in customers in malls in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and through their e-commerce store, providing hat wear worldwide for fans to unite. Glenn Campbell and Scott Molander founded their idea into reality in Indianapolis in the 1990’s and has since seen their “undervalued niche” grow into the enterprise it is today. Offering gear to sport professional and University level sports, LIDS also offers customer embroidery so that you can root for your team while still maintaining your individuality.

LIDS Products

MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and college teams are just the tip of the iceberg in what LIDS represents in their inventory for men, women, and children. LIDS products are often easiest to search by team for either personal items to rep or gifts to give the ultimate sports fan to add to their collection. While hats are of course the ultimate customer favorite, LIDS also offer merchandise that features jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, and novelties such as bumper stickers and jewelry to show your loyalty to your team in the style that best suits you. Bestselling items always are dependent on which team you are rooting for and items fluctuate in popularity based on which sports season is approaching, but LIDS offers a release calendar so that you can be the first to stock up on your favorite gear.

Some current items being featured under the new releases include new designs for both men and women to sport the logo in jersey form for the Cleveland Indians. These jerseys start at $80.00 USD and are exclusive from any sales promotions. Another sure fire hit will be the Denver Broncos Bradley Chubb Nike NFL Men’s Vapor Untouchable Limited Jersey (Talk about a tongue twister!) that will be selling at $150.00 USD. While some items aren’t available for purchase yet, their prices have already been slashed, so be sure to store them in your cart for when they are available! Case in point being the Seattle Seahawks NFL Men’s Starter Captain II Satin Jacket that has already gone from $139.99 USD to $98.00 USD.

LIDS Discounts and Promotions

LIDS is big on flash sales — so be sure to sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their hot sales that are only available for a limited time! LIDS is currently offering thirty percent off of order of twenty four dollars or more with the code BF30, but this sale won’t last long, so make your purchases fast!

How do I use USGoBuy to make my LIDS purchases?

Easy! All you have to do is sign up for an official account on where you will

receive and address to use during the checkout process. After your buys are finalized, your items will be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you will have a chance to make any shipping specifications before paying for shipping and handling through your account which can be taken care of through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal. After that, your packages will be sent with care and speed your way, so just sit back and get ready to show your team’s colors in a jiffy!

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