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How can you buy from Light in the Box if your not based in the U.S?

Keep the light on with USGoBuy.

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Light In The Box is a Chinese global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, Light In The Box has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through,, and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages.

Light In The Box offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden and its innovative data-driven business model allows itself to offer customized products, such as wedding dress and evening dress, at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising and fulfilment.

It is an online discount store that facilitates shipments of a variety of items from China to countries throughout the world. Light In The Box offers thousands of products at the bargain and wholesale prices. Before ordering, read their FAQs and return policies so you understand that any items you need to exchange or return will have to be shipped back to China. You may have a very limited time frame to take action on order cancellations, returns, and exchanges - and their policies vary depending on the products your order.

Light In The Box's website is easy to explore and easy to use when placing an order. However, do not get so distracted by bargain price that you forget to read their return policies. If you get the wrong item, a damaged item, or have any other consumer complaint, expect very nice sales people to offer you very little resolution.

Customers have a limited time frame (after receiving payment confirmation on an order) to cancel without incurring a substantial penalty (up to 75% of your total payment.) But does not always send timely payment confirmation (this may be due to time differences between China and the U.S.) so by the time you receive payment confirmation you may already be past the initial cancellation deadline.

How can you buy from Light in the Box if your not based in the U.S?

Light in the Box does offer international shipping but these charges are often higher than the purchase price. There are a variety of reasons why some retailers don't ship internationally. Some stores find the logistics of international sales overwhelming. In other cases, a small amount of items that aren't allowed to leave the country make it easy for retailers to simply say no to international sales for anything. USGoBuy service offers international customers a way to shop from these US retailers without a local address. With our services, we can buy items US shopping items for you for a small fee and ship them to our warehouse for forwarding. You'll be able to get the items you want to buy internationally without dealing directly with US local stores that don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping.

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