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Get back on track with your health with USGoBuy.

Get back on track with your health with USGoBuy.

Health is a state of body.

Living Supplements is a dedicated online store located in the U.S.A giving you the best health supplements around. All products found on the Living Supplements online store are intended for use with the Andy Cutler Protocol and are not your average dietary supplement.

Dr Andy Culter is a well known authority on mercury toxicity and advises oral chelation for mercury removal. He is a PhD biochemist who experienced mercury poisoning and consequently examined how to safely remove the mercury, by dosing oral chelators frequently according to their pharmaceutical half-life.

Oral chelation is the process whereby certain chelating agents are ingested, in order to bind strongly or ”chelate’ metals within the body, using chemical bonds, thus rendering the metallic ion much less chemically active and allowing for harmless excretion.

Under normal healthy circumstances our body will use its glutathione reserves to detoxify and remove small amounts of mercury found naturally. However, when the body becomes over-burdened, this natural process of mercury excretion no longer works effectively creating a toxic burden and interfering with your physiology. Mercury is cumulative over life and does not leave the body easily on it’s own, especially the tissues of the brain. Thus oral chelation becomes a vital process in removing problematic metals that are accumulating in the body.

Chelated metals are primarily excreted through the kidneys, and/or gastro-intestinal tract via the biliary network (bile from the liver) and then the stool. Mercury is the most important metal of all to chelate due to its extreme toxicity coupled with its widespread use.

Chelation is used for mercury toxicity, but has important value in the removal of most other metals accumulated through daily living, and more importantly through indiscriminate use of metals in dentistry.

All Living Supplement products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility using USP-grade raw materials only. Before making your purchase consult medical doctors beforehand.

Cheap international shipping with USGoBuy.

At USGoBuy we can ship to 200 countries worldwide and have cheap international shipping that you won’t get at Living Supplements. There are a variety of reasons why some United States retailers don't ship internationally. Some small stores find the logistics of international sales overwhelming. In other cases, a small amount of items that aren't allowed to leave the country make it easy for retailers to simply say no to international sales for anything. The BuyForMe service offers international customers a way to shop from these US retailers without a local address.

Whether you want to ship one US purchased item to your international address through a third party or enjoy the freedom of shopping at US stores with USGoBuy.

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