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USGoBuy presents the best pinball machines and in the world.

USGoBuy professional courier services.

USGoBuy presents the best pinball machines and in the world.

Absolutely everything pinball!

If you love pinball machines then you will love Marco Specialties. Marco Specialties, Inc. is one of the main suppliers and fixers of pinball machines in the United States and has one mission of providing pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball.

Founded in 1985 and online since 1999, Marco has since grown to offer over 30,000 individual parts for thousands of pinball machines to customers around the world. With thousands of rare parts, large inventories of common parts, industry-leading fulfillment, and trusted customer service, Marco is the central pillar of the global pinball machine community. Customers ranging from first-time pinball machine owners to large pinball arcade operators find everything they need at Marco.

Marco is located in business-friendly Lexington, South Carolina, USA, a large shipping hub in the Southeast USA.  With years of international shipping expertise, Marco quickly and regularly delivers vital pinball parts to all corners of the globe.

With direct relationships to hundreds of pinball component manufacturers worldwide, Marco parts come directly from the original factory whenever possible. Their dedicated team of purchasing professionals scour the globe for rare parts that are difficult to obtain. Marco’s fully inventory-managed warehouse is staffed by 13 pinball professionals that fulfill orders year-round, excluding public holidays.

As the pinball community grows around the world, Marco supports the pinball industry by sponsoring dozens of pinball shows, exhibitions, tournaments and other events every year.

Have you ever had to put a game back in the box? You can find guides for specific pinball machines on the Marco Specialities online store such as the guide from Stern Pinball which gives you all the information you’ll need to pack like a pro also including Stern Pinball’s guide to re-packing your pinball machine.

Pinball machines use many interesting custom wire parts that are often hard to find when they break.  While Marco stocks a huge variety of prefabricated and industrially hardened wire-form parts, inevitably you will run across a rare part that is keeping your game from working correctly. Marco has got the answers anything to do with pinball machines. When dealing with screws, nuts, and bolts, understanding the cryptic part numbers can simplify ordering and understanding if you have any questions give him a shout and organise your cheap international shipping with USGoBuy.  

USGoBuy professional courier services.

USGoBuy is a company specializing in package forwarding from USA to worldwide, and we provide shopping services and assistance for those who would like to buy from Marco Specialities USA online store. If you are unsatisfied when it comes to the checkout to find that there is no international shipping offered on their online store? Its time to use our simple BuyForMe service to forward the items of your choice to your location anywhere on earth. Get your hands on items from all those local stores that don't want to handle the hassle of international shipping with help from us.

With the BuyForMe service, we can buy items US shopping items for you for a small fee and ship them to our warehouse for forwarding. There are a huge variety of items out there that U.S residents can get, that international shoppers can't order. We solve this problem with the buy it for me shopping agent service only at USGoBuy.

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