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MaxMadco Customer Favorites

A reader’s choice for the top five excellent Every Day Carry Pens (EDC Pens), Maxmadco
doesn’t limit the company to just machinery and metal work. Brass, stainless steel, and titanium
pens are just the start of an endless list to help ensure your everyday life, whether it be note
taking or jolting down thoughts on the go, is done with style and convenience. Your words are
an expression of who you are and we want the process to be as enjoyable as possible. The
series of action pens are a bestseller that customers crave more of and are perfect tool for any
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We’re glad you asked. USGoBuy is efficient and easy to use as a third party service to ensure
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MaxMadco Customer Favorites
While MaxMadco specializes in pens, there are a lot more top selling products to offer! Here are
a few that never fail to disappoint:
MaxMadco Watch
Handmade and a limited edition, this watch is sure to turn heads as well as time. Tested in eight
atmospheres, this watch has specific dimensions designed in hard strength aluminum to keep
up with any lifestyle. Selling at $725, this watch is willing to last a lifetime with you.
Bolt Action Bronze Retractable Pen
Known for its comfortable and sturdy attributes, this bronze beauty is ready to help you shine
with elegance. Made in the USA, this pen is designed to be productive and stylish. While
currently sold out to due high demand, email maxmadco@comcast.net for a quote for the next
MaxMadco Friction Folder
This convenient, fast folding, easy to use knife is easy to transport and is made to last with
stainless steel. Weighing only two ounces, this must have for any knife enthusiast is a steal at
$175 USD. Please keep in mind that you must be eighteen or older to purchase and contact
maxmadco@comcast.com if you are interested before purchasing.
While discounts aren’t common with MaxMadco merchandise, the quality and craftsmanship is
guaranteed and any questions, comments, or concerns are welcomed for feedback on the
website and e-commerce store.
For high style for every day work duties and activities, MaxMadco is here to make sure that you
have the perfect item to suit your needs and style.

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