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How do I use USGoBuy to purchase from the McMaster-Carr e-commerce store?

If you are looking for any sort of tool, hardware, raw materials, or maintenance supplies, McMaster-Carr offers just about everything on the market with over 570,000 products to choose from depending on your project and maintenance needs. A private supplier, McMaster-Carr is based out of Illinois and has grown to have four other distribution branches spread out over the United States due to the popular demand from customers. The demand is understandable and McMaster-Carr has a long history of consistent quality service and bringing in the best products on the market since 1917 when the company was purchased by Harry and James Channon. A top vendor in the market, McMaster-Carr lives up to the reputation with one of the widest ranges of supplies available and the highest level of customer service available.

How do I use USGoBuy to purchase from the McMaster-Carr e-commerce store?

It’s as easy as finding the right parts on the McMaster-Carr website! USGoBuy believes in swift and reliable service and wants to make sure the process of receiving your purchases is as convenient as finding them. Simply go onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use while completing checkout. Your items will then be on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. At this time, any requests about shipping and handling can be made before completing forwarding fees through your USGoBuy account. Most online third party transaction sites such as PayPal can be used for your convenience. Your parcels are now on the way to their final destination in trusted hands!

McMaster-Carr Products

The list is literally almost endless with the amount of products that McMaster-Carr offers, but the website makes it easy to navigate your needs. Customer service is also readily available in both English and Spanish and emails are guaranteed to be answered within half an hour to make shopping a fast and pleasurable experience. Hardware, raw materials, office supplies and sign, plumbing and janitorial supplies, filtering, furniture and storage, material handling, heating and cooling equipment, and safety supplies only cover a handful of options to choose from under categories to shop for. While the amount of options available is a bit intimidating, you can guarantee that your plumbing, utility, mechanical, and electrical needs will be met. A mobile app is even available if you need faster service in order to find the part you are inquiring about. Most products are already available at wholesale pricing, so discounts aren’t necessary to receive the competitive pricing the merchandise is sold at.

While McMaster-Carr doesn’t offer regular deals or savings, signing up for their newsletter can give you a heads up about any upcoming new product lines available and help guide you on your latest project. McMaster-Carr is always looking to improve their catalogue and welcomes you to send any feedback or suggestions to make service in the future even more convenient.

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