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Using USGoBuy to Shop Mercari Products

Simplicity is the essence of Mercari with their app and e-commerce store and their goals with their business is just as simple — they want to make it easy to buy and sell almost anything. Mercari gives customers and sellers the opportunity to find deals on anything on your shopping wish list and also to sell unused or gently used items that still have value. The old saying goes that another person’s trash is someone else’s treasure — no trash at Mercari, just hidden treasures being sold with simplistic values to make life more enjoyable.

Using USGoBuy to Shop Mercari Products

  1. Go to and register for an official account where you will then receive an

    address to use after securing your online shopping cart and heading to checkout.

  2. After purchases are complete, your items will then be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse

    in Oregon where you will have a chance to add any specific details before they are forwarded to your doorstep. At this stage, finalization of shipping and handling fees can be completed through your USGoBuy account through most third party online transaction sites such as Paypal.

  3. Just relax! Your parcels are on their way and being handled with the utmost and care and fast delivery in mind.

Mercari Products

When Mercari says that you can sell or buy anything on their site — they aren’t kidding! Any outfit for women, men, and kids can be found with accessories to boot for any occasion. Home, vintage, tech, and sports categories are also readily available to scroll through and shop until you drop. Mercari even invites sellers to make handmade items to purchase from basic clothing to houseplants! While each price is completely related to the seller’s decision, a lot of sellers offer free shipping to the USGoBuy warehouse savings you in extra shipping fees that are usually incurred. Items can also be shopped for according to brand names — and Mercari boasts about savings up to seventy percent on new or gently used items from brand names such as Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton to get the high end names you love without breaking the bank account. With over ten thousand brands available to shop through and over one hundred thousand items added each day, Mercari delivers on their promise that you will find what you are looking for (and maybe some surprises along the way!) while hunting for your treasures.

Speaking of guarantees, Mercari wants to make sure that you know that your time, information, and money is more valuable than any of the products they help people sell with their buyer protection guarantee. All payment for purchasers is held until your items are delivered and are confirmed by you that you received them as promised from the seller to relieve the stress of having to worry about not being able to physically see your purchases before making your buying decisions.

A unique business model offering the chance for both sellers and buyers to benefit from purchasing quality items at bargain prices — what more could one ask for? Happy shopping!

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