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Get Your Naväge Must Haves With USGoBuy International Forwarding and Shipping Services

How do I use USGoBuy to purchase my Naväge products?

Get Your Naväge Must Haves With USGoBuy International Forwarding and Shipping Services 

Did you know that according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control approximately fifty million people in North America suffer from chronic sinusitis? Martin Hoke, the founder of Naväge, had been diagnosed with his fifth sinus infection before trying to insulate his sinus canals with salt water by inhaling it through the nose – also known as saline nasal irrigation. This considerably helped Hoke in almost all of his medical ailments having to do with his sinuses and decided to create a business with a product that actually works to help people with commercially available devices that work similar to the neti pot created by a talented staff of designers, engineers, and doctors to create a convenient device that is affordable to ease any sinus ailments and promote your health!

How do I use USGoBuy to purchase my Naväge products so that I can receive relief as soon as possible?
USGoBuy is dedicated to making sure customers receive their items promptly and with care so that they can wait rest assured knowing that delivery will go smoothly. Using USGoBuy for their forwarding services can be done in a just a few quick steps.
1. Log onto and register for an account where you will receive an address to use when finalizing your Naväge purchases. 2. After completing payment, your items will be shipped to the USGoBuy storage facility in Oregon where you can then make any specific requests about shipping before your parcels depart toward the destination of your choice. At this time, shipping and handling charges can be taken care of on your USGoBuy account using most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal. 3. Go about everyday life knowing that your purchases are on their way swiftly and in good hands!
Naväge Product Packages
Basic Bundle
Complete with the Naväge nose cleaner and eighteen salt pod capsules, this economy package is a great starter to make your way toward a drug free, allergy free nose canal! Currently twenty percent off, this bundle can be yours for $79.95 USD.
Starter Bundle
For just ten dollars more at $89.95 USD, this package includes everything from the Basic Bundle, but also incorporates a total of thirty six salt pod capsules and a counter top caddy to add more convenience to your saline procedure and storage.
Deluxe Bundle
Also known as “The Works”, this kit includes everything you could possibly need to start your path toward healthy sinuses and saves you money by buying in bulk. For as low as $106.95 USD, this ultimate deal steal includes the Naväge nose cleaner, forty eight salt pod capsules, the countertop caddy, and a travel case for when you are on the go!
With an astounding amount of testimonials to attest to Naväge products and their benefits as well as plenty of savings for buying in bulk, Naväge keeps sinus related health care affordable and effective so that you can enjoy your lifestyle and keep your health skyrocketing.

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