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USGoBuy brings you new things that make life easy!

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USGoBuy brings you new things that make life easy!

“Shut up and take my money”!

New Easy is the new best thing on the Internet. Finding new, cool, high quality products is what New Easy is all about. New Easy is a catalog and online retailer where you can find thousands of innovative new products that make life easy. Their online store is updated daily so you always are the first to know when their new products hit the market. New Easy’s best sellers include Night Angel, Everbrite, One Charger, Turbo Scrub and many more of your favorite products as seen on TV!

With a focus on family, fun, and value, New Easy has created a unified, customer-centric shopping platform that helps consumers find the products they want, and helps sellers reach new buyers who are eager to bring your products into their homes. And they are glad you're a part of it!

New Easy launched their new site as a "reboot" of the way consumer products are sold online, and to blend their printed catalog with a technology-enabled online marketplace. All of the products are accessible from one place no matter what warehouse they're shipping from, and access to live order statuses, customer service, and even returns and RMA's are just a click a way.

That means no more "Where's my order?" phone calls, no hidden shipping charges, no jumping through hoops to remove unwanted items from your order, and no trouble returning items you aren't happy with. They have simplified the process from top to bottom.

One thing that's different about New Easy site is that they also don't edit or delete negative product reviews. They believe products should live up to the manufacturer's claims - and if it doesn't, customers should know about it!

With all of your favorite products in one place, there's no reason to hunt down the stand-alone product sites advertised on TV. Their entire site is run using full time SSL, which encrypts all activity to protect your privacy and ensure your shopping experience is safe and reliable, and works on all mobile devices too. They accept all major credit cards, and automatically notify you of order status changes so you'll always know where your items are and when they're arriving.

USGoBuy’s cheap international shipping.

The great thing is that now it is possible to get New Easy international shipping without a lot of hassle and at much lower prices. Now there is a new online shopping resource that can enable those overseas to shop on the New Easy USA online store, and that is package forwarding service provided by USGoBuy.

Quite often websites will not allow a person to buy products if they do not live in the United States. Now, USGoBuy’s package forwarder helps foreign international shoppers to purchase clothing from American Apparel and other popular US stores. Just log on to the USGoBuy website and select the ship for me or buy for me services and follow the prompts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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