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Keep safe and choose USGoBuy’s cheap international shipping

How USGoBuy’s services work

Keep safe and choose USGoBuy’s cheap international shipping.

Your safety is our focus.

"Your safety, is their focus" says two things: first, that at ORR Safety they take protecting people seriously; it’s not a side thing, it's the only thing. Secondly, their customers are well-run businesses that must be competitive in their own markets. ORR Safety seeks ways to turn safety initiatives into competitive advantages for their customers.

ORR Safety is a family owned safety distributor representing over 600 industry-leading manufacturers. they provide equipment and services for all aspects of Industrial Safety, Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Fire Protection.

At ORR Safety they have proven programs for Prescription Safety Eyewear, Safety Shoes, Technical Products, On-site Stores, Vending, Rental, Turnarounds, and more. If you think the price of nuts and bolts has nothing to do with protecting your workers from injury or death, you've come to the right place. At ORR, you'll find safety specialists who can help you achieve your safety and business goals a dozen different ways. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) expertise and after-sales support is not a commodity. It's a commitment they have been making every day since 1948.

An ORR Safety specialist will help you choose the right PPE from a good/better/best assortment that includes hardhats, safety glasses, hearing protection, respirators, SCBA, dust masks, gloves, protective clothing, ergonomics, knee pads, safety shoes and boots, fall protection, and more. Injuries can be prevented with products for chemical storage, spills, fire and emergency response, first aid, signs and identification, traffic control, and instrumentation.

Their specialists have boosted compliance and adoption while eliminating expense, waste and fraud with innovative programs for safety shoes, prescription safety eyewear, and hi-vis clothing. They offer equipment rentals as a way to avoid costly capital expenditures for PPE and instrumentation, especially if it is used infrequently.

For peace of mind that users of ORR Safety products and services will return home safely to their families every day. ORR Safety is recognized as a valued and trusted partner to their customers in their effort to protect life and property. They continue their legacy as innovators and safety professionals who lead the industry with products and safety solutions that deliver true protection at the lowest total cost to the customer.

How USGoBuy’s services work.

Are you frustrated seeing that the US ORR Safety online store does not ship to an international address?

You can now use our simple BuyForMe service to forward the items of your choice to your location anywhere on earth. This allows you to shop at U.S ORR Safety online store normally with our self-buy with free forwarding address services. Get your hands on the high quality safety equipment and don’t have the hassle of international shipping with help from us.

With our BuyForMe service, we can purchase U.S items for you for a small fee and ship them to our warehouse for forwarding. You'll be able to get the items you want without dealing with the U.S local stores. There are a huge variety of items out there that residents of the USA can get that those shopping internationally can't order. Solve this problem with USGoBuy’s “BuyForMe” shopping agent service.

Safety is always number one!

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